CNY dishes 2010

I really had a great time eating a lot of CNY dishes, food and cookies this year. I dare not weigh myself during CNY holidays, I scared that my heart couldn't accept and get cardio arrest when seeing the number on the scale.

On CNY's eve, I went to PIL's house to help my MIL to prepare the dishes for praying and as well as for the reunion dinner.
This time, MIL only cooked 7 dishes, and bought the roasted duck and roasted pork from outside. We brought small portion of each dish over to my house for praying purpose. We had the larger portion of dishes at PIL's house as the reunion dinner. All the dishes were nice, simply because they are the experts. They sold economy rice for more than 30 years to raise up their 3 kids, including my husband.
MIL and her sister, who back from KL prepared the steamboat on CNY day 1 dinner. This was the time that I always long for in CNY. Her steamboat was 1st rank one.
The bigger steamboat pot.
The smaller steamboat pot. I am so hungry now, by looking at the food. My stomach is starting to play drum.
When MIL "mogok" and went to visit her relatives or friends, I cooked these...............3 different types of instant noodles with an egg, and some left over crab meat and sausages from the steamboat for my family. Fattening still. T___T.


  1. Ah... i'm too longing for such steamboat *drooling* btw, i can see a very big difference between the meal at your in-law's and your home.

  2. Woo, looks good! I wish I was able to eat more during CNY, but couldn't because I had mild stomach indisgestion since the eve itself. So once stomach felt hungry, I had the desire to eat, but ate not much food already felt one kind of fullness (stomach with butterfly feelings). Loose stool started appearing on Day 6 CNY and lasted till Day 9. Stomach too much gas, I think. Thankfully now ok already.

    Btw, I love to eat economy rice during lunch on my working days. :-)

  3. Yvonne, the CNY 1st day steamboat at my PIL's house is the time that I am always looking forward.

    Alice, I don't like to eat economy rice, because of the carbo, but I like the economy dishes. hahaha!