Flower Sparkling 2010

Time flies, especially celebrations and holidays. Agree? Another few days to end the very happy CNY celebrations. Before it ends, my children get to play with more flower sparkling fireworks in front of my house gate.
When I blogged about the children CNY costumes in my earlier entry, I forgot about their new sandals. Last year, we bought them shoes which covered all the toes. This year, we got them these to step on. April got the white one,
and May got the purple one. They look great in these sandals, regardless of wearing dresses or pants.When the children are playing with something dangerous like fire, parents have to be around to provide their supervision.
When I am looking at these photos which I took with my new Nokia 5800 (husband bought me as my birthday's gift), I noticed that my two princesses are so different. April is a very careful and gentle lady. She hold the fire stick with both her hands all the time. She kept a distance from the fire.
On the other hand, Little May is a more daring girl. She went really close to the candle to light her fire stick.
Little May was also running and moving vigorously while playing the fire stick.
April only stood still. She let go one of her hand to hold her dress, when she saw me taking picture of her.
Whereas, little May never seem to bother me at all. She enjoyed putting the fire stick high and low, or swaying it left and right. Little May though is quite little, she is rough and active. Her character is more like a tom boy. Phewwww!


  1. i like their sandals, very pretty and simple. i see both april and may were enjoying the fun. i didn't manage to grab any photo for avery when she was playing with fire stick because the young one was clingy so hard to me.

  2. nice sandals :) i'm sure ashley would love to wear something like this too :D Ashley has not played with those fire sticks before. Perhaps i should get a packet for her before the end of cny eh?

  3. Oh, yes, the two princesses sure do have contrasting characters!