More CNY cookies from the best friend

Yesterday, my ex colleague and also my best friend Su In in Penang had her friend, Li Leng who stayed in my hometown passed me a CNY gift. The gift are 4 of her home made cookies and layer cake.
I felt deeply touched in my heart when I saw the different types of cookies that she baked together with her husband, Alex. My heart is really filled with love now. Thank you very much, Su In. I will give other cookies that I ordered to relatives and friends, but only keep yours for my family and myself.
Cornflake cookies.
Cashew nut cookies.
Flower butter cookies.
Seaweed twist.
The layer cake that she specially ordered for me from Penang.
This layer cake is damn yummy. I love it to bits.
I will temporary forget about the calories count whenever I see it.
I blogged about Su In here on her birthday. Su In, I am not forgetting your very cute Tiger New Year card for my family. Thanks for everything. Gong Xi Fa Cai and good health to you and your family. Wish you have a very joyful and warmth celebration in this CNY holidays.


  1. You have a wonderful friend :) The cookies and layer cake look so delicious. Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your family.

  2. hahahah....indeed it's true, festival is the time for us to forget about putting on weight for a while. :D

  3. You're very lucky to have such a thoughtful and nice friend. I feel like tasting the layered cake too!

  4. Barb, Alice, Shireen, the cookies that my friend baked really really yummy. I had them almost all by myself. My children and hubb are not cookies or cake lover, but I am.