Special February 2010

I received an email with a picture as an attachment from a friend, and I found it really interesting.

Here it goes, February 2010 has
1) 4 Mondays
2) 4 Tuesdays
3) 4 Wednesdays
4) 4 Thursdays
5) 4 Fridays
6) 4 Saturdays
7) 4 Sundays.
These interesting facts come in every 11 years only.

February is the month of love. February 2010 is even more awesome as Valentine's eve fell on Chinese New Year's eve. Many Chinese get to spend this special day with the closest person in the life. It doesn't happen every year, may be you will only encounter this once in your life time.

Moreover, I will receive 2 presents in February.
p/s: I don't mind receiving 2 in 1 present, if the present is truely wonderful .

It's my brithday today and I'll do what I want to.

Happy Birthday to me, Happy happy birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me!

p/s: I born in Ox year. I'm sure you know what number of Birthday I celebrate today. Scroll down for MY answer.



  1. Lol, happy 25th birthday ya! ^^

  2. wakakakaka..... i don't want to spill the bean (i know the exact number).

    wish you a very happy birthday, yan!

  3. waaaahhhhh...25?? you are still younger than me. i'm 28...muahahahhahahahahahahahhhahhaa. you look great Yan :D Happy Birthday again ;)

  4. Hayley, Yvonne, thanks for the wishes.

    Barb, why you keep reducing your age? That day you wrote in your blog that you were celebrated 30 yo birthday only. lol!