April's first UCMAS Arithmetic Contest

We went to Ipoh Jaya Jusco last Sunday, as April were taking part in the UCMAS Arithmetic Contest which was organised by Popular Book Store. This was her first UCMAS Arithmetic contest after joining the course for 9 months.

The contest was started at 2pm. We were there an hour earlier and went for our lunch at Food & Tea Hong Kong Restaurant. We ordered fried Wantan porridge.
Baked cheese & chicken rice.
Spicy & sour prawns and rice.
There have a lot of varieties of food and their service was efficient.
Before the contest began. I let April and May sign up for the folk art painting on their arms. May chose the pattern of sun flower.
On the other hand, April has opted the pink butterfly. It was RM3 per drawing. The children preferred the tattoo spraying than the folk art painting, because they were upset when the folk art paint was washed away in their shower.
The organizer wasn't doing a good job in the management work. The registration was in a mess. At the end, the contest was started half an hour late.
April was in the category A (4 to 6 years old age group).
Although she didn't win any prize, she gained a very valuable experience and exposure. The organizer gave all the participants a certificate at the end of the contest.
I managed to do a quick shopping at SaSa for some cosmetic and Guess for jeans and T-shirt. Both outlets were having sales at the moment.


  1. Thumbs up for April! i believe this is a great experience for her...

  2. good job to April :) her maths must be very good :D

    hey, can't wait to see your shopping loot :D wow, i dare not go into Guess cos they are so expensive :P

  3. Hayley, thanks. I will get her in more contests in future. I believe this is a good way to polish her skills and make her more calm & steady.

    Barb, April's maths is not bad, but then Mental Arithmetic is not learned to be good in maths. It is for more like mental reaction training.

  4. ah... it's a good exposure and part of her learning.

    i like the folk art painting, very pretty especially the butterfly.

  5. Wah~!! What a splendid spread of foods! It looks so so delicious!

    Wah Wah!! Very nice folk art painting on April and May (I personally prefer Aplril's butterfly)... but it's so pity that they can't keep it!

    Wah Wah Wah... April already took part in a competition at such a young age!! It's a valuable experience indeed, what a brave girl!

  6. Yvonne and Alice, it is really a good experience for April. She will get more courage to walk up and down the stage.

  7. Yes, indeed a good experience of what a competition is like for her! The spicy and sour prawns look really yummy! (*Stomach rumbling already*)