Casual Market hawker food for lunch

Today, Hayley drove Yvonne and myself to have lunch at the very famous Taiping Casual Market. These were the food we ate.
I ate Curry Laksa (Curry soup + Laksa soup) noodle.
Hayley ate prawn mee.
Yvonne ate Assam Laksa mihun.
We also ordered the desserts from the dessert stall. My dessert was groundnut soup.
Hayley and Yvonne took the Leng Chee Kang. Taiping hawker food is super Ho Chiak and cheap. I am so hard sell. lol!


  1. Ya, Taiping is indeed a food paradise..
    all the food in casual market are nice, imagine if our office located nearby this casual market..... =_=

  2. oh boy...i just popped over from Yvonne and she had some dimsum in her blog. now i see your blog and it has food again. i am going to dream about food tonight. i know taiping has lots of good food. the last time i was there, my late FIL brought us to eat the famous food under the big tree (a corner coffeeshop) and the cendol :D

  3. Oh my! The Leng Chee Kang looks fabulous... how much does it costs har?

  4. Hayley, I agree with you.

    Barb, you are so funny and cute. There were 2 shops under the big tree. The most corner one was actually my PIL's hawker stall. They sold curry mee, wantan mee and economy rice there. Now, the big tree was cut down, and the area had been demolished and the place has new buildings now. My PIL also moved to a new place to continue their business.

    Alice Law, the Leng Chee Kang is RM1.50.

  5. My favourite is the prawn mee and assam laksa! How much is each?