Company One Malaysia CNY Dinner

Sorry for having a short hiatus in blogging. I had several social activities last weekend. Good that I still have the passion for taking pictures and being taken pictures. These will eventually enable me to continue blogging. lol!

The place that we had our company One Malaysia CNY dinner is called Top Thai,. It is the only Thai food restaurant available in town, and the food there is 'halal'. I swear the food there is really ICHIBAN. You can view more food pictures here.
I was in my leopard print tier dress. I must put up this picture as Yvonne said I looked thin here. Wakakakka! I am so happy.
Yvonne and Hayley, both were showing off their youth, pretty and sweet in mini skirts.
Angeline and me. This was one of my favourite pictures.
The drinks that I had that night. Chill coconut drink and Tiger beer. By consuming these 2 drinks and together with all the spicy and sourly dishes, I thought I would sure have a stomach upset on the next day, and got a free body detoxifying and weight loss treatments, but I didn't. Why my stomach is so strong one? T___T.
p/s: But then, I was downed with terrible sore throat.


  1. Wow... you look awesome in that dress! Very slim indeed, hardly believe you are a mama of 2... (jaw dropped)!

  2. no doubt you are slim - just take a look at your arms in that solo photo :D
    all your hardwork in yoga and aerobic are worth!

  3. Indeed you look slim in that dress! By the way, it's good that your company holds company dinners. As for the company that I'm working with, the last time they held a dinner was in 2007 at a Chinese restaurant in Legend Hotel. After that year, no more company dinners till now. :-(

  4. Alice Law, thanks. In real person I am not that thin, may it was because of the way I posed in that picture.

    Yvonne, besides that, you forget we know so many tactics to make ourselves look slim in picture.

    Alice Phua, only this year our company has several functions, only recently I am active in most of the functions, may be because my children are growing up and more independent now.

  5. i;ve seen your pics in FB. hey you always look thin to me...not just this photo in the tiered dress :D

  6. Barb, but I always feel i still fat. I also don't know why, may be i haven't reached my ideal weight yet.