Gala night 2010

Last Saturday, I attended the company CNY gathering dinner at one of the local Chinese restaurants. In brief, I used these words to describe how I felt that whole night; enjoy, happy, fulfil, and high. I wore a deep V spaghetti straps maxi dress, earth colour beads bra straps, 2 bangles, and round wood earrings to the dinner. In the morning, I urged April to give me a tattoo sticker. Stingy April was only willing to give me a small piece of pink butterfly. How to draw an attention to a tiny pink butterfly like this? A tiny pink butterfly would also shine like a star if it is to put at the right place. lol!
The ladies in my department. Forget to mention just now, I was actually wearing 3.5 inches leopard print heels from Vincci. Thanks to Lorita for lending me the very beautiful heels to match my leopard pint maxi dress. So, I was actually more than 6 feets tall that night. In order not to make me look too tall ( actually not to make them look so short), they wanted me to sit on the chair, while they were standing. T___T.Yvonne, Hayley and Me. In another 1 week time, we are attending Hayley's wedding at Hotel Flemington. I am getting excited for her now.
All the people in our table.
Group photo of the night.
We ladies went up to stage and we sang 2 Chinese pop songs. Lorita led the group sportingly and heat up the atmosphere of the night.
Everyone was dancing on the floor. First time, I felt like we were the superstars. lol!
When stepping down the stage, the gala time was still going on. Everyone was playing really hard that night, regardless bosses or staffs. We should actually detoxify the brain cells like this, and have lots and lots of fun, as it was once in a year kind of event.


  1. hahaha..what a fun night. glad you all had a great time. could the male colleagues recognise you and yvonne or not? hahahhahahaa

  2. everyone was in really highly spirited (or drunken), lol. work hard and play harder

  3. You look gorgeous that night with maxi and PPL :P

  4. Barb,they can recognise us. :)

    Yvonne, agree.

    Hayley, i am happy to have you compliment.

  5. u look sexy....lol

  6. Wow, that's a sexy dress! Looks good on you. Yes, I spotted where the butterfly flew to! ^ ^

    Anyway, it's good to see both bosses and staff let loose on an event like this...no borders, no barriers.