KFC Kid Sets Treat

The children always has very early dinner when they need to attend their UCMAS lessons in the evening. They would have their supper after their lessons ended. I would normally buy them Wan Tan noodles or Kuey Teow soup.

Last week, my husband bought them KFC nuggets as their supper to reward April for her good performance in her quarterly UCMAS test.
May shared her sister joy by having the KFC kid set by herself.
She enjoyed the Milo so much. After taking the whole cup of cold Milo, she is coughing now. April and May like to take the nuggets with the tomatoes source.
They finished the nuggets all by themselves, Pa pa helped them with their fries.
As for me, I tried not to take any fast food in the evening. Too heavy and too fattening for me to digest at night.


  1. Bravo April for her performance in class :)
    Most children like chicken nuggets, eh? avery loves them with ketchup too.

  2. chicken nugget is also ashley's fav. well i think it's most children's fav :D i hardly buy them for her though..cos she has a heaty body :(

  3. Yvonne and Barb, all children like nuggets, but it is too heaty. So, I only allow them to take once in a while.

  4. hahaha....let kids have their enjoyment first while time and age still permits whereas we all - the 'old ones'- have to start taking care of our diet and food intake already! :-D That's how life is!