May at her 3 years and 10 months

Little May has started going to kindergarten for almost 4 months. She is progressing steady in the academy. However, she is still very shy, and not being sociable enough to friends and teachers.

Apart from the kindergarten lessons, May has also attended the I-Maths class and Art class in off-school hours.
She is able to read and recognise all these Chinese characters on the whiteboard.
Besides Chinese, she is also able to write from 0 - 100, Az - Zz and Zero - Fifteen in word.
Don't be bluffed by her innocent look, and think that May is always a good girl.
So far, these were the complain from her class teacher,
1. She is not responding to teachers' instructions.
2. She is not concentrating in class.
3. She likes to move around in the classroom.
4. She doesn't like to greet the teachers.
5. She simply writes anything on the text book and exercise books.
I am trying hard to correct her bad behavior and reprimand her to be more discipline in the class. Therefore, I am quite harsh on her sometimes.


  1. little may is progressing well, despite having complains from her teacher. children are always cheeky, don't worry.
    mine's having the same problem 2 & 3 like yours. and avery, too, scribbles in her books when she was younger.

  2. Wow... are those chinese characters on the whiteboard written by May, that was drop dead awesome for a 3 y.o!!! Very impressive progress for may too, ohhh... and she definitely has a strong character (according to her teacher's complain), which is pretty cool! :)

  3. Yvonne, thanks for telling me your Avery was like that when she was at May's age. I hope May is getting stable when she reaches 4 year old.

  4. Alice, the chinese characters were written by her papa, not her. She only can read and recognise those words now.

  5. oh my, May is really smart. Ashley is a year older but still couldn't write all those. She's learning Chinese words but certainly not those words you have written on the right side. Those are pretty tough.

  6. Barb, those words weren't written by May, they were written by her Papa. She is able to read and recognise those words only.

  7. Good progress! About naughtiness, I think that's normal for a kid regardles of their sexes. And I do agree with you too that sometimes we have to be quite harsh when reprimanding kids. I'm of the opinion that sometimes instilling some fear in kids is a good thing for them. For that, I don't agree with some parenting books' teaching that children should listen to their parents out of respect and not fear. I think a combination of both is good (for young children). They will have their mom to thank for when they are big and realized that had their mom not done something about their behaviour, they would have been worse!