The night before the big day

Last Saturday was the night before Hayley's wedding day. We went to Hayley's house for the buffet dinner party.
My two princesses were really happy when they get to attend the party, as I always left them at home with Pa Pa when I went for company's functions. It was very nice of Hayley and her family to provide 3 different flavours of POP drinks to the children, and also varieties of dishes to the guests. However, my little May abused their kindness. At first, when her jie jie chose the green apple flavour drink, she chose the lychee one. After taking one or two sips, she told her Pa Pa that she didn't like the lychee flavour and she wanted to have the orange one. After a while, she also didn't satisfy with the orange flavour, and she whispered to her Pa Pa again that she wanted the green apple one. Huh! I felt really embarrassed and 'paiseh'. I warned her that this was the last choice that she could have. In fact, she had already tasted all the 3 different flavours. Luckily there was no more 4th flavour. Phewwww!
Angeline and my princesses.
Group photo of all the mummies, the children, and the bride. Welcome Hayley to the aunty world.
April and May were busy with their POP drink, Avery at the back was playing with Yvonne's camera. I was the only one ready for the camera. Thanks Angeline, I like this picture.
The very beautiful bride, also the soon to be Aunty Hayley, but she is definitely the young one. lol!


  1. LOL... I think may can be a very potential 'wine taster' when she grows up!

    Btw, your girls have very nice traditioanl chinese costume!

  2. Hahaha....that's normal for kids to just drink/eat little bit, then don't want already, instead want to try something else. My Juan Or is just the same....eagerly asked me to cook macaroni for him in the wee hours of the morning, then when he ate only 2 spoons, he said he doesn't want to eat already! THen he told me he wants to eat cheese instead! Geram!

  3. Alice Law, lol!

    Alice Phua, i understand your frus also. Like that sure geram one.

  4. yan, i think my daughter and your little may comes from the 'same world'. we took home 3 bottles of Pop drink too *slap forehead*

  5. wow, what a busy weekend :D Hayley is very pretty and I have been her silent reader :D

  6. Yvonne, when Avery came and did the same thing, i only didn't feel that bad nia!

    Barb, yes, she is very sweet, young and pretty. A lot of her silent readers or secret admirers' hearts were broken last weekend.

  7. Must get used to the word 'aunty' already =_=
    lol... no worries on the Pop drinks, i was worried no one will drink them! luckily your daughters helped to clear some of the stock ;)

  8. Thanks Hayley, we, family of 4 really enjoyed the night before your big day.