Play in preschoolers

Play is the foundation for children's healthy development. Play shows us how well children are developing and is also a means for further development. Play helps children develop knowledge, social skills, and motor skills. It also helps them express feelings appropriately. Thus, play is the foundation of developmentally appropriate programs for young children. Play may reduce tension or relieve boredom.
Children have a basic need for both indoor and outdoor play every day. These environments provide significantly different contexts for play.
As for indoor play, it is more beneficial than outdoor play when weather is bad and air is polluted.
As compared with play indoors, outside play allows for more active play with fewer restrictions on noise and movement, and greater freedom with natural materials like water, sand, and soil.


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  4. Yes, it's true...indoor playgrounds are weather-proof unlike outdoor playgrounds. But the downside to indoor playgrounds is during an epidemic season like H1N1 where the air circulation can never be as good as the outdoor ones.

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