Shopping in March 2010

I have heard about Sasa 32rd Anniversary Sale is from Friday, 26th Feb 2010 to Sunday, 4th Apr 2010 through radio and TV. I have yearned to visit one of the Sasa outlets since I knew the sale is on. Too bad that there is no Sasa in the place I lived.

When my husband asked me to register April for the UCMAS Mental Arithmetic contest, which was going to held in Ipoh JJ, I was like my golden opportunity was coming. lol!

While we were waiting for the whole event to end, I grabbed the opportunity to shop for the cosmetic like Sasa Super Dolly Powerful Mascara in black, glue for artificial eyelash (Eye Putti) and SASATINNIE Natural Conditioning Kohl Pencil in black.
All these basic eyes make up products are essential to enhance my eyes, and definitely able to provide some extent of dramatic effect. Muahahaha!
Besides Sasa, I didn't intend to visit any other outlet due to the time constraint. To my surprise, I found out that Guess Sale: 26 February - 28 March 2010 is on too. I have thought of buying a pair of skinny fit Guess jeans long long time ago. My husband also knew this. He encouraged me to go in the outlet and tried out the jeans. Finally, I happily purchased the Beverly Skinny Fit jeans (original price is RM429, 30% discounted price is RM299) and a lacy back deep V green top (original price is RM229, 70% discounted price is RM70).
Products offered in Guess sale are Ladies’ Apparel, Men’s Apparel, Shoes, Handbags and Accessories. Go and grab now before the sale ends.


  1. i try persuading my hubs to bring me to JJ Ipoh for shopping spree... he didn't respond. better luck next time!

  2. waaaahhhh...nice stuff you got there. i didn't know there is SaSa in Jusco, Ipoh :D Anyway, i love your jeans and top. I really don't have the heart to spend rm299 on a pair of jeans lah..me very cheapskate :D

  3. Wow nice blouse from GUESS..

  4. Yvonne, try again tonight, you may have your luck.

    Barb, this is my first pair of Guess jeans though. I have worked for more than 11 years. Now only willing to spend RM299 for something I really long for.

    Angeline, this is my first top from Guess as well.

  5. wah...nice top and is 70% discount *drool*

  6. Good to pamper yourself once in a while and especially when the opportunity knocks on the door!:-D

  7. Celine, the sale is still on, you can go this weekend with your darling.

    Alice Phua, you are absolutely right.