Short fringe

School holiday is started and I brought my two princesses for a hair trim, as I found their fringe was long already. My hair stylist was a very friendly and sociable person, we talked while she was trimming their hair. Though I was talking, my eyes were actually staring on their hair and her action. I noticed her trimming May's fringe shorter and shorter. Oops! She finally realised that she had cut her fringe too short, and she stopped.
Though it is a bit short, May still looks cute, right?
Never mind, after a week, when the school holiday ends, her fringe probably grows longer already.
April's fringe is still fine. Not as short as May's one.
Looking at the result, they don't need a hair cut for the next 3 months. So, I get to save a trip to the saloon .


  1. wakakaka, your stylist is so chatterbox and lost her concentration. but never fear, little may is still cute with short fringe. btw, her eyes look rounder and bigger with the new hairstyle :D

  2. your daughters are yoo cute =) i've just stumbled across from barbs' blog to your blog =) nice blog you have here. hehe i love your posts. going to be coming here often. im a new blogger from toronto =) feel free to visit my websites when u have time too.

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    w/ love: jen

  3. Finally you updated your blog. I have been checking it everyday. I thought of calling you tonight if you still do not update your blog :P


  4. hhahhhaa...so funny of your hairstylist :D luckily May is still so pretty and adorable :D coincidentally, I will be bringing ashley to the saloon later this week for some trimmings too :D

  5. Jen, thanks for dropping, will visit your blogs as well.

    Sasa, sorry for the short hiatus.

    Yvonne and barb, Thank God that May is still looked cute with short fringe. Hehehe.

  6. In my opinion, May's fringe is not too short lah. The shortness is just nice. And yes, both look cute in their new haircut.

  7. Yes, both of them still look pretty and adorable :)

  8. Forgot to ask you, how much does your hairdresser charge for trimming their fringe?

  9. Alice Phua, thanks, RM3 per one hair cut.

    Shireen, thanks.