Smile or cry?

One evening, April and May were digging out some photo albums from the cabinet. They were looking through some old photos in the albums, while I was still washing the dish at the kitchen.

I could hear them happily chit-chating about their own photos. After a while, both of them ran to me and show me a picture of our family. I vividly remembered that it was taken on my birthday at my PIL's house. While laughing non-stop, little May said, "Mommy, you see you are so ugly here. "

Mommy, "....................." (smile freezed, face turned dark)

April nodded her head and said, "Yes, mommy is ugly here."

Mommy went totally speechless.

Later, May pointed at the photo on the wall in the living room.

May said, "but Mommy is pretty here."

Mommy is continue silent.Why mommy kept silent? It was because that she didn't know whether she should smile or cry.

1. should be happy, because her children are able to define pretty and ugly.

2. should be happy, because she is getting prettier now.

3. should be sad, as at one time, she was not pretty.

4. should be sad, because her children were laughing at her old photo.


  1. sometimes when the kids talk we really dunno to cry or laugh or get angry first. But.. of course u shud be happy that yr kids are smart and u're looking hotter now.

  2. Children always tell the facts. Dun worry, You should be happy! Yan, You look pretty deep inside.

  3. Lol.. kids always say the most innocent thing.. i think dont have to keep in heart..
    but u look very 清秀 in that photo ;)

  4. wakakaka.... i dare not look at my old self-portrait because i would expect something like yours. children are very frank :)
    overall, you ought to be happy as you've improving, instead of turning uglier, lol.

  5. lol... you should be happy cause your princesses are so down to earth, I like them!! ^-^

    Frankly, you are lots more beautiful, vibrant and definitely much younger now compared to your previous photo (which is another good reason you should be proud of)... sorry, at time I can be very honest like your princesses! :p

  6. Hi Sasha. Now I think back, they are cute. But at that time, I really didn't know how to respond.

    Angeline, I look pretty deep inside?? You mean my soul or my body?

    Hayley, that time when the kids were really young, I was too busy and losing my interest in dressing up myself.

    Yvonne, if not that they told me frankly, I also don't know that I am that much different.

    Alice, thanks for being honest. lol! thanks for all the words.

  7. muahahahhahaa..funny things from the kids. You don't look ugly..just no makeup at that time....hahahahahhahaa. Now you look very hot and even younger than the first photo :D

  8. Barb, i agree, we can't deny the fact of the power of make up.

  9. If I'm in the same situation as you, I also dunno whether to laugh or cry! But I must say children always tell the truth and are not pretentious. I still think you should be happy because you look very much prettier now than before. For that, I have to agree with your daughters....hahaha!