Talk: Duck Off

This is the wall of the shoplot that I did my Yoga and aerobic exercises. My husband usually fetched the children along and droped me there. One evening, we reached there 10 minutes earlier. April was curious of the words that were written on the wall. April: "Mommy, what is the meaning of F.U.C.K?" .
Mommy: "...................".
(Pa Pa is more creative.)
Pa Pa: "The words were written wrongly. The person wanted to write DUCK, but he didn't go to school. So he wrote FUCK. "
Mommy: "Yes. I agree with Pa Pa. You see even the OFF was written wrongly. No such word OOF one."

April: "What is the meaning of FUCK OFF?"
Mommy: "It is DUCK OFF."

Luckily, April didn't continue to ask "What is the meaning of DUCK OFF?". Please help me! I do not have an answer.


  1. Lol.... so funny la!!
    sorry i'm not creative, i dint know how to explain the meaning of duck off.. =_=

  2. lol, duck off = asking the duck to go away??

  3. duck off...what does that means? The duck going off to somewhere? LOL!

    Sometimes we really need to be creative when dealing with the kids.

  4. Hayley, Yvonne, Joanne, the wierd thing here is April didn't ask about duck off, she only asked about "Fuck Off". I wonder whether she has heard about it before.

  5. muahahahahaha...this is funny. I remember asking my dad the same word but he just brushed me off :( good answer from your husband.

  6. Barb, i was surprised by his answer too.

  7. Hahaha....."duck off" is a good and creative way of avoiding that word! Well, if April asks what's "DUCK OFF", I'll answer, "Move away" or "Dodge".