Thai food for lunch

Yvonne, Hayley and Me were really missing the Thai food that we had at the company One Malaysia CNY dinner. We decided to go there again for our lunch. Before we left the office, I called the owner, Mr. Saw to order 3 dishes, which were Tomyam seafood, Otak Otak seafood and Petai Belacan.

Upon reaching the place, a table for 3 was properly set up. Thumbs up!
Mr Saw came to attend to us personally. He asked us whether we would like to try their desserts.

The desserts in their menu were really looked nice and tempting. We ordered 2 types of desserts, Crispy Water Chestnut in coconut cream and Fantasy Trio Ball in coconut cream to share. The dishes and rice were served fast once we there.
My all time favourite, petai belacan with prawns.Plain white rice.
The very famous Otak otak seafood.
The very hot and spicy Tom Yam seafood.
Their sambal chili was really nice and spicy.
Crispy water chestnut in coconut cream.
Fantasy trio ball in coconut cream.
At the end of our savouring. Burpppppp!
A very satisfying smile from Yvonne.
There, we left for office again, while Hayley was taking a picture of the shop name.
The bill was only RM51.60. We were really happy and satisfying with the always yummy and spicy food in Tops Thai Tomyam Coffee House, which located at No.14. Boo Bee Street, 34000 Taiping, Perak. Tel. 058086269.


  1. yummy yummy~
    i really like their otak otak and also pandan chicken... ;)

  2. ohh... through the reflection of the glass door (2nd last pic), i can see some vandalisme act towards the coin machine, wakakaka....

  3. THanks for sharing info about this restaurant! Will tell my hubby about this restaurant if we are planning to pass by Taiping. :-)

  4. A wonderful spread of food, yummy~!!! Wonder how your princesses' verdict about the foods? I can see almost all dishes were covered with chillis and spices... Wow~ your princesses can take spicy food?! My girl would like to try but she can't take it, normally will ask for water or drinks later.

  5. Hayley, we can go again anything. They are really efficient.

    Yvonne, just because of the machine "ate" my Rm0.30. I had already displayed the vandalisme, ganas lo!

    Alice Phua, you should, and let me know when you are here. Ok?

  6. Alice Law, no, they can't take spicy food. I will go there with colleagues or husband only. :)

  7. oh boy...the dishes are making me hungry and it's not even 11am yet :(

  8. Barb, when you come to Taiping, remember this Tops Thai restuarant.

  9. I am petai lover too!!! The petai looks yummy, and the tom yam soup make be drool !!! i love thai food very very very much!