Yummy but sinful lunch

After reading Lose Weight The Cinful Way by Cindy Teh, I felt so sinful. Because I didn't eat as light as her, though I keep hoping to lose weight. I am practically one of the women who always complain they are fat. Don't be bluff by the pictures that I posted in my blog. I am good in filtering those ugly and fat pictures. Besides, I know how to pose and adjust to the shooting angle, in order to look 3 kg thinner than in actual person. Trust me, I have a lot of stubborn flesh hidden under my armpits, my waist and my tummy, all the fat was stored after my two pregnancies.

How my one Yoga and one aerobics dance a week could burn those fat, if I still continued to eat these heavy lunches that I used to eat?
Dry dark noodles with curry source.
Noodles chicken soup.
Besides those main courses, I also would order some side dishes to share the fat with my lunch mates, they would be Hayley and Yvonne most of the time.
Must really listen to Cindy's advice and be more discipline and determine in what I eat. T___T.


  1. oh no..there you go talking about your extra flesh again. i would kill to have your figure!

  2. Actually, a lot of people is happy with who they are and what they have. I know myself will be happier if I can lose 3 more kgs. Due to the age is catching up, it seems so tough to achieve. Now may be i should just hope for not gaining any more weight.

  3. Really must thank you for introducing the yummy stall.. i like their dry mee with curry!

  4. Hayley, you are welcome, i thought you were thanking me for introducing more fat on you. lol!

  5. Ohhh... I love bean sprouts, and the picture looks so yummy!

    I wish to loose more fat too... but it's kinda hard if I had to pick up the leftover from my girl (Weep)!

  6. hahaha, good things are meant to be shared! let's go there again for the chicken rice since that stall is everyone's favourie :p

  7. Alice, next time i should only order th bean sprouts without any noodles.

    Yvonne, see my answer to Alice. That what I am going to eat in that stall next time.

  8. Hahaha...you are not the only one. I succumb to such sin too, but on seafood - high in cholestrol! :-D