Ain't happy

2 months ago.
I just started to feel like I was the happiest woman, as my two young children were growing up well and they have slept in their bedroom since last June; my husband was always supportive and caring, and we have more time to be together; I also had more time for myself. I dressed more beautiful. I picked up new make up skill. I had best hair days.

These 2 months.
My 4 year old, May who has started her nursery last Jan, suddenly showed refusal to go to her nursery almost every alternate morning. Not only this, she has given me all sort of problems, and I suspect that she is in her terrible fours. I have also talked about it in my earlier entry.
My 6 year old, April has no behavior problem at school and day time, suddenly came into my room 3am/4am for 3 continuous nights. First night, April told me she was hot, and told me that she couldn't sleep back. I checked the room temperature and it was just fine. I asked her again in the morning, she admitted that she was scared of monster. Second night, she came into my room again and claimed that she was cold. I tried to talk her and reassure her for her fear. Third night, she came into my room, she also woke her sister up. I lost my sleep, April lost her sleep and so as May. When May woke up tired, she showed more tantrum and it was even harder to get her ready to school. I went mad. I put all the blamed to April. I spanked April a few times on her tights on the third night. I feel that I am not happy as I were 2 months ago. Why all my angels have suddenly turned into monsters? I also hate myself for yelling and spanking my children like crazy woman. What have gone wrong actually? Anyone knows? Please....


  1. U have ur mood, they have their mood too...Calm down dear...everything going to be just fine...I'm sure ur gals will be alright...give them some time. Anyway is a long holidy over the weekend...enjoy ya

  2. *hugs* This is a phase that kids go through. Sometimes they are angels and sometimes not. Perhaps you could ask May's teacher what is bothering her in school?

  3. Most kids have reason behind their action, the problem with them is they have a hard time to convey their feelings in words... Nevertheless, work+ household+ parenting are stressful and tideous jobs! Please take a rest and enjoy your weekend!

    p/s: Time flies! Soon without you realization, both princesses will be growing into ladies that need your pampering no more. Do treasure this hectic moments while you can, cheers!

  4. every little children wants to be noticed and acknowledged. how about asking them their problems instead of getting mad first? i know it requires a lot of patience and is easier for me to say that.

    when children sleep on their own, the time spend with their parents are getting limited. they are more independent. but being a child, they still want attention.

  5. This is a growing up phase? Both my kids are younger than yours, so I can't suggest anything. My son (3 yr 7 mth) is also afraid of monster. He sleep in his own bed but in our room. He is also sometimes like and angels, sometimes like a monsters. When he throw tantrum, he always wakes up his younger sister. Sigh! Hope this pharse will just get over soon. Keep cool.

  6. I guess you probably didn't get enough rest/sleep as a result of April and May, then compounded by their behaviour, so in the end the whole process becomes like a cycle. As for me, i loose my cool easily too when I don't have enough sleep.

  7. I have a 5 year old and a 9 year old. I think what's happening with you is the kids miss the attention from you as growing up may feel like they're distancing their love from you. I know it is tiring as my girls do things that drive me insane too, for attention. What helps is by talking to them, and asking them what happened the other day, and why they behaved that way. I always ask them how they supposed "mommy feels" when they act that way. Having them think at an early age about their behaviors is good so when they are older, they're more aware of actions and consequences.

  8. Hi Sheoh Ya, children grow up fast. And young girls mature faster than boys. Your girls are just learning to be independent.
    Talk to them, explain to them, tell them what you expect, what they want. Reason, and discuss.....treat them as their age, they no longer your little babies.
    You'll be fine, Lee.

  9. Thanks for sharing your warmth thoughts and ideas here.