April 6th Birthday

Today, April celebrated her 6 year old birthday at school. Last year, I had the cake house customised the Sleeping Beauty Aurora birthday cake for her. This year, I had the same person to customise the Cinderella birthday cake.
Little May has decided on Snow White for next month birthday cake.
The number 6 candle and 6 small candles.
This is all April's 6 year old classmates. 5 boys and 5 girls.
Teacher had little May and her classmates to join in for some photographing. Besides the cake, we have also prepared some goodies pack for the children. They were mamee, pencil and jelly sweet.
If you look at the photos here, you will notice that April is getting more sociable and friendly now. She looked rather shy on her 5th birthday at school.
Children like to show the peace sign. lol!
Very fast my princess April is going to the primary one next year, and I have registered in Hua Lian I Chinese school.
Though she is still having sibling rivalry on and off, she has showed a good improvement in her behavior, study, art and her Mental Arithmetic lesson. Our next plan is to add sport in her activities. We will let her join the swimming course by this year end.Do them look alike?
Happy Birthday and Good Health always Jie Jie. Mommy and Papa love you forever.


  1. happy advance birthday to april
    both your kids look very cheerful and happy celebrating this event.

    btw, cinderella on the cake looks chubby, ha ha....

  2. Happy birthday to April!
    she's becoming prettier ;)

  3. Happy Birthday to April!

    First time here from Barb's blog...you got 2 very pretty daughters there with "month" name too April and May...very easy to remember. So May born in May?

    The cake looks real good..where is the bakery? I plan to give Terry a birthday party too in his kindy...

  4. Happy Birthday dear April. She's so adorable. Glad she had a fun celebration :)

  5. Hi Sheoh Yan, here's wishing Little May many happy returns of the day, Happy Birthday, May.
    She's a very pretty girl, both of them, April too.
    They sure have their mummy's attractive looks.
    When you going to give them a real doll to play with, a baby sister or brother? Ha ha. This the tiger year, good year too.

    The kids all look great, so cute. April has big beautiful eyes I notice.
    Both of them will be breaking hearts when they reach 18, ha ha.
    You have fun and keep well, best regards, Lee.

  6. Happy Birthday to April~! X3
    Such a lovely cake for beautiful April! Wonder when would my girl grow up like your April~! Huhuhu~!

    Please have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Happy belated birthday to April. Sorry too late to wish her...Just back from Kauntan branch warehouse.

  8. Thanks everyone for the wishes. Every year her birthday will remind me that I had to suffer for 15 hours before I get to first see her.

  9. Happy 6th birthday, April! And many, many happy returns of the day and year!