Home alone this evening

April and May has gone to their UCMAS Arithmetic lessons. I skipped my yoga lesson as I felt very tired. My husband was still at work. So, what did I do home alone?
I spent my sweet one and half hour at home watching 8pm Singapore series at CH301 Astro AEC, going on-line to check on people blogs, emails, FB and having my dinner too. As I had skipped my Yoga exercise, and I felt rather guilty, so I could only have 1 Japanese cucumber and 2 oranges as my dinner.
Everyone, how you spent your Friday evening? I need to go and fetch my two ladies back home. Have a nice weekend. Bye.


  1. Oh my~!! You only have cucumber and oranges for dinner?!! Seriously are you?

    Friday evening...I tried to stay away from my PC for awhile( as both my kids don't like I stay online):p, I took them out to the playground and then brought them to pasar malam after my husband came back from work.

    Have a wonderful weekend to you!

  2. Having some "ME" time is very luxury. I'm hardly free after 8pm because there's so many chores to do :( especially on Friday evening. Both my kids are at home during weekends and I can't do any chores at all - everytimes I clean up, they mess it up again :s

  3. ONLY cucumbers and oranges for dinner?????? wow you are good. did you feel hungry later?

  4. Oh my! I definately cannot eat oranges and cucumber for dinner! I will sure feel hungry before going to bed.

    Last Fri, hubby brought the kids to the shopping center with MIL. I had a great 'ME' time! Peaceful!

  5. Thanks everyone, I will not feel hungry. But then, I weighed myself on Saturday morning, i didn't lose a single kg also.

  6. How nice to have some private time to yourself after work. For me this is a rarity at least at this moment. Wow, you can make do with just Japanese cucumber and 2 oranges for dinner? If me, my stomach will go hungry again within just half and hour!

    My Friday evening is just like any evenings in my weekdays - after taking my son back from babysitter and buying econnomy rice for both hubby and myself, I will be eating the economy rice while 'entertaining' my son as he walks and plays around where I'm eating (he usually already has his dinner at the babysitter's house). After that is washing the forks and spoons, then go and take bath and by then it is night time already. Heheheh....very routine and boring. ^ ^