I want a straps polo T shirt

My husband got a free yellow straps polo T-shirt from buying meadjohnson product (Sustagen School) for more than RM108 in single receipt from Giant. I decided to give it to little May. I personally like the T-shirt very much. I went again to Giant, and bought another 3 big boxes of Sustagen School to stock up at home. So, I could get another free polo T-shirt for April. This time I chose the blue straps one.
The T-shirts were in free size. It is a bit loose on May, and it is just nice on April
My husband also has one light blue straps polo T-shirt, that he bought from Geordano as his CNY clothes this year. April said, "Only mommy doesn't have a straps shirt.".
Looking at my wardrobe, I really do not have any polo T-shirt. I only have shirts or blouses which are more feminine one. But now, I think I would like to have a change in my fashion sense. I really don't mind to have red straps polo T-shirt, which can make me look youthful, just like the PADINI AUTHENTICS models in the the picture below. Picture is taken from here.


  1. quickly grab one now :) since your daughters have been asking. in the same attires, i bet you & your family will surely attract eyes when going out in public.

  2. Yaya, quickly get one.. it'll be nice to see the whole family wearing the same kind of clothes..

  3. Hi Sheoh Yan, looking at your profile pic, you will look beautiful any dress, blouse or t-shirt. You have that kind of warm personality that looks good in anything, *wink*.

    Thats a beautiful family you have, good looking hubby too. Early 30s?
    My wife and I don't wear any designer t-shirts, ha ha, just normal ones. And I don't buy them, mostly given by friends as presents.

    But I love Winter jackets, and will go for those Cowboy ones, Denim, as well my favourite recently purchased, an Italian designer jacket in beige.
    Seeing your 2 big kids, when you going to give them a baby sister, this year good year too, Tiger year, ha ha.

    You have a nice day and stay beautiful and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  4. LOL! I kept pondering when I first looking at your picture in my blogroll, your girls look boyish in those shirt... hehe! A wonderful picture of a warm family you have here, I reckon you should get yourself a piece too!

    Have a nice day!

  5. I agree with Hayley too. I think it will look very cute if the whole family goes out wearing stripey polo-shirts! Hahaha....go get one now! :-D

  6. ya,it would be a lot of fun,seeing the whole family donning the same polo T, and hey make sure you ask for some commission from Sustagen, cos you advertise for them ma, right?

  7. Yvonne, Hayley, I will try locate one as soon as I can.

    Uncle Lee, you are nice. I like your comments (sweet talks). Hehehe. Thanks for telling me that I have warm personality and my husband is good looking. Hehehe! We are not early 30s, we are at late 30s now.

    Alice Law, you are right. Especially April, she seldom looked that boyish one, because she likes to wear dress like princesses.

    Alice Phua, I will go and get one soon.

    Eugene, thanks for dropping by. Yeah! Free advertising for Sustagen, Geordano and PADINI already.

  8. hahahahahhhaaa...i guess it's time to go shopping again for you ;) more reasons eh?

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