Kids evaluation books

My children, 6 year old April and 4 year old May, can be considered as good girls in their overall behaviours. However, there are also several things that I would like my children to improve on it.

I am still upsetting with them on,
1. Do not drink water at school. May would bring a full bottle back home after school.
2. Do not eat the snack that I prepared for them at school break time.
3. Do not finish the milk at the babysitter's place.
4. Do not finish lunch or dinner.
5. Do not greet teachers, grand parents, friends, neighbours and relatives.
6. Do not acknowledge or answer the greetings of friends, relatives, teachers and grand parents.
7. Being too shy and coward, not sociable enough.
8. Do not listen and follow the instruction of teachers in school.

I have tried a couple of methods to coax them improve on the list above. All to no avail. Then, a weird idea hit my mind one day. I told my husband that I need 2 note books and some stickers. I want to do an evaluation book for my girls by pasting the sticker for good, and drawing a :( face for bad. I will do it on daily basis and review the book monthly. They can use the collected stickers to redeem a gift from me.
We just started to do it beginning of this month. See how the thing will go. I hope I can see them improve in general after having this evaluation book.
What is the method you use to change your children's bad behaviors? I hope to hear from you whether you think my evaluation book works.


  1. it's such a great idea to motivate the children and get what we want - to kill 2 birds with a stone :)

    i think i want to follow your way of discipline Avery.

    btw, i experienced all the points you mentioned:
    1. Less fluid at school - checked
    2. Unfinished snack at school - checked
    4. Does not finish lunch or dinner - checked
    5. Does not greet others - checked, depends on her mood
    6. Does not acknowledgde greetings - checked, also depends on her mood
    8. Instruction falls on deaf ears - checked
    aren't all kids the same? they are still young and need guidance. sometimes we as parents must have high patient to deal with them.

  2. yes this is a very good idea. sometimes ashley doesn't finish the snack i give her and instead prefers to eat those sugar-laden biscuits provided by the school :(

  3. Lol! What a thoughful mommy, it's an excellent idea my friend! Can I "tiru" your method? Got copyright or not?

    have a nice day!

  4. Arrived from Alice Phua's blog. U got a very good method here! My boy is sometimes quite stubborn and mischevious. Maybe I can use your method to 'tame' him. Must go and shop for stickers now. LOL !

  5. Wah, good method! I hope this method will work on my boy when the time comes!