Motherhood - From the bottom of my heart

LilHyppo's Hypopotamum is having a contest for Mother's Day. I was thrilled to try it out by writing about my motherhood too.

I am always a cheerful person, but not during my two pregnancies. I was heavily influenced by the changed of the hormone in my body. So, I could only conclude that my pregnancies weren't the pleasant one, and I totally forget that I should at least try to enjoy then.

After being in the motherhood for 6 years, I could summarise what I feel about the motherhood here: too many sleepless nights, too mentally tired of worrying of my children's development and health issues, too physically exhausted of feeding, bathing, making them sleep, and reviewing their homework after coming back from work.

My motherhood makes me miss my late mother so much. Every time when I feel that I am so helpless, I wish that my mother is still around to share with me her valuable advices, her moral support and her great experience as a mother of four.
Although I only talk about the negative part of my motherhood, I already cannot live without my children.

From the bottom of my heart, I couldn't agree more with Pearl S. Buck at his quote, "Some mothers are kissing mothers and some are scolding mothers, but it is love just the same, and most mothers kiss and scold together."


  1. hi.. coming by via Barb's bloggie.. Motherhood.. we mothers have a lot to write on if we were to ponder longer.. the list will be endless.. :)

  2. The kids are just like the root of our life. And yes...very tired. haha

  3. Hi Sheoh Yan... my 1st time dropping by... Yes, indeed motherhood has taught us to appreciate our own parents more...

    Thank you for your participation :)

    Will add you into my blogroll :)

  4. every mother has a great story to tell, you are not excluded. mothers are and will always be the pillar of a family. but who are we, the mothers, without our children?

  5. aww...this is such an honest post. I can certainly relate to this. I was depressed during my pregnancy and even more after I gave birth. Due to this, I didn't enjoy having a baby though I love Ashley very much. Wish I had enjoyed my pregnancy and Ashley when she was a baby. I really missed that but no more 2nd child for me :) The quote by Pearl S Buck is so very true :)

  6. Another very nice entry... I still pondering what am I going to write, not sure whether I can make it before the contest ends! T-T

    Have a nice day Sheoh Yan!

  7. Good luck for the contest! Yes, agree, motherhhood does equal to sleepless nights, being physically and mentally tired, yet we can't live without our children!