When it is a good time

Today, the boss is off, and we are having a more peaceful day in the office. In addition, everyone just got their annual increment yesterday, except my colleague, Yew. As Yew has tendered his resignation last month, and he is going to leave us by end of May. At lunch, we decided to celebrate the good time in Top Thai restaurant again. Hayley is in her new hair style, and she looked even younger and sweet now.
Yvonne and Yew. Yew is a very nice and helpful person. We are definitely going to miss him a lot, as it is always fun to have him around.
The dishes that we ordered were Tom Yam Kung,
belacan fried rice,
stir fried 4 different green veggie and prawns with sambal belacan,
sweet and sour deep fried fish, and the desserts were
black sesame dumpling in ginger tea,
assorted beans in syrup,
ginkgo nuts with sweet taro mousse,
and sago variety mixed in coconut cream.
The bill was RM74.50.
After this heavy and statisfying lunch, I feel so sleepy. I really can't stand the rest of the hours if not making a cup of coffee now.


  1. Wow...so long did not eat tom yam already. drooling.

    Yea...good collegues always make us miss them more. hehe...

  2. Very nice dishes from Tops Thai. I still haven't jelak yet. I hardly could move after lunch and I feel my waistline has expanded exessively.

    ** while I'm commenting here, my eyes are very super droppy

  3. Overall, i'm pretty satisfied with the food, except for that black sesame dumpling in ginger tea =_=
    i feel so bloated even until now!

  4. Superlicious spread of Thai cuisine, yummy~!!! The Tom Yam gung looks so "geng", must be really hot and spicy!

    Have a nice day!

  5. Hi Sheoh Yan, it is always sad to have a friend leave us to maybe better themselves.
    I really enjoyed looking at your pics here. And the food, I sure would love to try them. I have always love tom yam.
    You have fun and keep well, Lee.

  6. Ooooo....when I see the tom yam kung, my stomach goes rumbling already! ^ ^

  7. oh man...food again. Yummy :D Though the food is enjoyable, the gathering must be pretty sad eh? Hard to say goodbye to someone nice :)

  8. Your pix remind me of my happy times with my colleagues when I was still working in the bank. How I miss those days. I used to wear uniform like yours every Monday when I was working at UEM.

  9. Hi everyone, though he is stil with us in the office, but I have started to miss you and felt sad for his leaving. Yew is really a very cincai person