First baking attempt

Yesterday, I got tagged by Alice Phua from Adventures of Juan Or and Mommy. The tagging game goes that the person who got tagged will look into his/her first folder according to Picasa or hard drive and then select the 10th photo, blog about the story behind the photo, mention the person or blog that tagged the person and finally tag five other blogs.
This was a picture that I took on 2nd day of Raya 2009. These were the ingredients that I used to make chocolate cornflakes cookies together with my children. I still remember, it was a relax and nice day. My husband was on duty to cover for his Malay colleagues. I was alone with my 2 princesses only at home. They were in happy mood after their bath. They helped me to sprinkle the colourful balls on the chocolate coated cornflakes. Oh ya! My first batch of cookies were not successful, as I accidentally bought the non sugar added dark chocolate. So, the cookies tasted very awful and bitter. I threw the first batch of cookies into the dustbin. I took my 2 princesses out and got the Mak Nona Chocolate cooking bar that you see in the picture now, from the grocery shop. I started the whole baking process again after reaching home. I didn't write about the failure when I blogged it here. So, this picture and this tag actually reminded me of my small mistake on that day.

Here, I would like to tag, hope you girls haven't got tagged on this before.

2. Hayley from HAYLEY AND HERSELF.

3. Barbara from LITTLE'S CHUMSY BLOG.

4. Angeline from ANGELINE'S SITE.



  1. thanks for the tag. haven't been tagged for a while now..hehehhehe.

  2. What a wonderful baking experience, how I wish my girl will grow up like your princesses and is able to bake something with me!!!

  3. Opps, i've been tagged! =_=
    its been a while since my last baking, lol.. will find the time to do this tag ya~
    thanks for the tag!

  4. There's always a first time for everyone and along the way mistakes are made. It's from there that we learn and build our experience. Btw, I have never baked before and have no interest to bake. Hehehe....I only have interest to try cook those lauk-pauk kind of dishes.

  5. Baking is something like science ya. A little mistake make the whole lot spoilt.

    Btw, I've been tagged by another blogger. Here is my post. http://mnhldiary.blogspot.com/2010/04/tag-10th-photo-in-my-folder.html

  6. Hi Sheoh Yan, I love these chocolate cornflakes. And yes a couple of our lady friends here tried making what you did, they too got into some hiccups, ha ha.
    But you try again, you'll come out with a masterpiece.

    Its good you let your beautiful daughters help you...
    when they older, they will be appreciated as girls who can cook and bake cakes, plus a big bonus....
    they have their mummy's very attractive looks, *wink*.

    Have a great weekend, stay beautiful, Lee.

  7. i remember your cornflakes cookies :)
    It was the time when we were all crazy over baking. Kekeke...