2 contests in a month time

25 April, April was taking part in UCMAS Arithmetic contest which organized by the United Youth Movement of Malaysia (GBBM Negeri Perak). This was her second time participated in the UCMAS Arithmetic contest. April and another participant from the same center as her.
There were also participants from Ipoh, Penang and other parts of North Malaysia.
April and the rest of the contestants were getting ready at their place.
Contest started.
April didn't won any prize, except a trophy for the participation and also a backpack bag from the lucky draw. Bravo, April for additional experience gained from the contest.
23 May, April was taking part in the colouring contest, which was organized by the Community Centres (Rukun Tetanga) at the housing area next to the garden that I stayed.
We needed to bring our own desk and chair. Those didn't bring one, have to sit on the floor. T___T.
Pity those have to bend their back to do colouring for approximately 2 hours. Never expect that the colouring paper was so big, there was so much work to do. Especially to colour all the background, without leaving anything in blank.
After 2 hours of colouring, everyone were forced to submit their paper. There were still some people couldn't finish their work.
Surprisingly, April emerged as the champion for Category 5 and 6 years old.
Taking picture with her big hamper. Bravo April for gaining a new knowledge in her colouring work.


  1. Well done, April! Her colouring of the Pooh Bear was really neat and nice. A smart girl you have..

  2. Well done!! It looks very neat leh...

  3. Well done to your princess! i think its a good choice to let children to learn drawing when they're still young...

  4. Congrats!!!

    And agreed with you - another experience gained. And I must clap clap for April because she is so 'brave' to join in the contest. ^_^

  5. Congrats to April for grabbing the champion title :) She's such a smart girl.

  6. Well done April. She's really one smart girl :D

  7. Kudos to April, i think you have done a great job in instilling in her the love for arithmatic, for me and my Jovial we are just no good in that area,,sigh.......

    even now i have to consult my friend for aritmatic problem as i teach my son,,,, learning myself too hahahahah.

    take care now,,

  8. Inspired Momx1, Agnes, Hayley, mNhL, Yvonne, Barb, Eugene, thank you very much.

  9. COngrats to April! Yes, she indeed has the talent for it! Can see that from your previous blogpost about her colouring.

  10. Your daughter is great in colouring!~ :)