A day in a week

8.15am - my breakfast was a cup of Quaker Oatmeal, oat krunch cookies, and the organic mixed nuts.
12.30pm - my lunch was a container of durians which I kept in the refrigerator the night before. 7 pm - my dinner was MIL home cooked dishes and white rice (not in the pic).
White tissue paper Carnation was My mother's day gift from the children, but it was done by the teachers in their kiddy.
Little May went to do her homework without me asking her to do so. Thumbs up!
April was taking time to do her drawing, while waiting for me to finish washing the dish.
Reviewing their homework together with the children , and writing down the 9 new complicated Chinese words that April learned today on the whiteboard.
After taking their bedtime milk, the children changed into their pajamas and watching TV for a short while.
The two young patriots were shouting excitedly, while watching Thomas cup match between Denmark and Malaysia. Despite their great support to the team, Malaysia still couldn't make it to the Final. T____T


  1. I think many are disappointed with the match... but it's a fact we have to accept.
    i was watching the match last night but i couldnt stand watching the lansi Lin Dan >=( so i went out instead. lol.

  2. wow, durians for lunch? That's very filling eh? I like the flower carnation from your princesses. how sweet :D wow the chinese words that April is learning are really tough :(

  3. Durian for lunch enough for u?
    OMG! Those chinese character..so complicated!! For such a young children to write!!!
    Haha....your girls enjoyed badminton! My son kept on asking us to change channel because he said he wanna watch cartoon.

  4. Hayley, Malaysia needs to have a few decades to win Thomas cup back. :)

    Barb, it was too filling, but only once in a while like that, i couldn't resist durians one.

    mNhL, April is 6 year old, but her teacher trained them to write the words that should teach in their primary 2 or 3.