Decorate the bedroom with Feng Shui

The purpose of us to have the Feng Shui master over is to check on the children's bedroom. The master bedroom had very minimal decoration of Feng Shui. In a good feng shui bedroom, every item will reflect the clear intent for love, healing and relaxation.

The master bedroom

Another Hu Lu “胡卢”was hung on the top of the mirror of my dressing table. A musical box was placed at the bedside table. A feng shui musical box is believed to promote better relationship.

Stair Case

A pot of money plant in soil was placed at the corner of the 'L' shape stair case to extract good energy, and as well as good fortune.

Feng Shui applied to children's spaces can bring a vibrant, healthy and lasting sense of joy, at the same time providing relief from an overwhelming clutter chaos often present in children's rooms. Young energy is expansive and vibrant; it needs a sense of uninhibited space in order to thrive. Feng shui can help promote a harmonious growth, thus avoiding cluttered, busy and chaotic energy around the children. Fresh air and clear organization are always the main priorities in children's rooms, as theirs are the spaces that see the biggest influx of toys, gadgets, clothing, and various other items and accessories. Monitor the air quality and open the windows often.

The children's bedroom

This was the old room that April and May stayed. I have yet to move the princesses poster to their new room. The pink painted wall was wasted, as their father purposely had someone to paint it for them.
All blame to the beam on the ceiling. The beam on the ceiling caused a lot of pressure and negative energy to the room owner. Besides the window of the room faced the lamp post at the back street. Thus, we had to convert the room to a guest room now, and April and May were shifted to the guest room.

Their new room door. The master suggested to put the door curtain to block the negative energy which will flow from the master bedroom, because the master bedroom door faces the children' s bedroom door directly.

Their beds were joined together, because their new room was rather small compare to the old room.

4 writing brushes "毛笔" were hung from the wall, these are for promoting the study energy in preschoolers. The yellow curtain is purposely chosen, as they need the Earth element more. The color for creating feng shui Earth element is light yellow, beige or various Earthy/Sand Colors.
The main feng shui goal in transforming children's rooms is to create a healthy, loving and safe environment. A child's room created with feng shui in mind will serve as an emotional and physical support during many experiences of the child's growth.
April is sleeping through the night since the night she first slept in the Feng Shui decorated room. My little May is waking up with smiley face every morning. This is the result that we want. Whether the Feng Shui makes wonder, it really depends. However, Feng Shui is definitely create more spaces and better places for living.


  1. LOL! I must get a musical box right away and a mountain of chinese braushes too!!! Thanks for sharing!^-^

    Happy weekend to you and your princesses!

  2. Stumbled in your site from the little sprout blog.

    Interesting, look like feng shui really works for your family. Congrats.

    Hope you don't mind I add you in my blogroll.

  3. wow, this is really good. oh i've heard so many bad things about a beam above the ceiling..especially right above the bed is a big no no. glad that all is working well around the house :)

  4. Thanks for sharing the tips on feng shui in bedroom. Bedroom is a space where we spend 1/3 of our time a day and it's crucial to make it as comfortable as possible.

    Also, this our room represents husband and wife. Well, that's why it's called Master room, right?

  5. Oh....i heard of this from lots of people...having beam above the ceiling is not good, especially the beam that seems cut across us...that's why some ppl uses plaster ceiling to cover it.

  6. Good news! The feng shui really helps. And they are so meaningful.

  7. Hi Sheoh Ya, very interesting....I too believe in fung shui and have read several books.....and try have certain items in our place to bring good vibes.

    Only wondering how to stop so called long lost friends from calling up, ha ha.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  8. Alice Law, i forget to mention that the musical box will also enhance the interpersonal skills.

    Shenny's mommy, I add you too, thanks.

    Barb, yes, beams are not good. April's bed was right below the beam previously.

    Yvonne, for more tips can be google online.

    We should have known this earlier, so that we could also build the plastic ceiling.

    Having to know and apply Feng Shui, is just liked a woman wants to have slim figure. Exercise and diet will help, but we also have to watch out for calories consumption. Same goes for Feng Shui. I hope you know what I mean here.

    Uncle Lee, that one I also don't know. Probably we have to change the phone number every 3 years, and only inform those we are close to.

  9. Their new room door. The master suggested to put the door curtain to block the negative energy which will flow from the master bedroom, because the master bedroom door faces the children' s bedroom door directly. fengshui