Decorate my living room with Feng Shui

Last month, I talked about April's sleep problem to a Yoga classmate after the Yoga class had ended. This friend asked me whether I believe in Feng Shui. Then, she gave me the contact number of her Feng Shui master. She asked me to try using Feng Shui to solve April's sleep problem.

When my husband came to fetch me back, I discussed with him on getting help from the Feng Shui master. To my surprise, my husband agreed. We have been staying in the house for 8 years, and this was the first time we engaged with a Feng Shui master.

After getting in touch with the master, I faxed over my husband, my children and myself's birth elements to him. The master was travelling to my house from Penang, Prai on the weekend that we fixed our first appointment. The master came again on the following weekend to help us applying the Feng Shui in the whole house. April and May were forced to shift their bedroom. The room that they were used to sleep was not suitable for April and May. That is why it created a lot of negative energy and pressure on them. I will talk more about it in my next post. I can let you know that April is sleeping through the night for 1 week already in her new bedroom.

After using Feng Shui to decorate my house, my living room has additional living things like plant and aquarium.
This plant is called Fa Cai Suan "发财蒜", I do not know what it is called in English. Anyone?
The mini aquarium, which currently contained of 8 small fishes inside.

This is Ju Bao Pen"聚宝盆". Next to the Ju Bao Pen is the children's coin boxes. April and May are first time having pets. They enjoy feeding the fish, and I feel so relax when looking at the fish.

A Hu Lu "胡芦" was hung from the ceiling, because on top of the ceiling is the stair case. Four Feng Shui bamboos were placed in a glass and put on top of the cabinet. 9 red packets were made into fan and pasted on the wall in the room which next to the living room.

A big glass of water which contained of 8 white rocks and 1 black rock, and a Yuan Bao "元宝" were placed on the altar table.

Grey floor mat at the entrance, a statue of laughing buddha 笑佛 and some money plant in a bowl of water were place next to the entrance.
I am diligently applying Feng Shui in my home, because best feng shui is to create a home that nourishes us, supports our energy and makes us feel happy and content.
After all the feng shui analysis is said and done, we are the only one to know what truly makes us happy. Clean, clutter free, good quality air and good quality light are the minimum good feng shui basics for any living space. Having a clear organization system is a must for good feng shui in the living room.


  1. wow...and make sure the fengshui also makes your hubby brings back more $$$$$. hehe

  2. Sometimes we have to believe in the power of feng shui, no harm trying afterall...
    glad to know that April is getting better now...
    have a nice day!

  3. Hi, thanks for coming by my blog. Yes, I believe in Feng Shui but I always have the impression that it might cost a bomb to engage a Feng Shui master.;)

  4. great to hear that April is sleeping well now. I also believe in Feng Shui and we got the services of our FS master to look at our house before we moved in :) I think the fengshui of our house would change every year too. I've been told by a friend who is very into FS that we cannot simply place a water fountain in our home. Can't wait to read more about what you did to your girls' bedroom.

  5. Looks like your hubs need to feed many mouths: 8 fishes, pots of plants, 2 children and you. He'll be very busy for the next 20 years....muahahaha

    I believe a good feng shui will bring harmony, peace, health and wealth to the family.

  6. Wow, those feng shui set up in your house looks so nice and comfy to me. Share more with me pls, i also wish to get a feng shui master to have a look at my house!

  7. As long as April is alright, it's okay to spend some fortune on it.:)

    Have a nice day to you!

  8. mNhL, this Feng Shui master that I engaged wasn't that expensive. He came two times and also helped to buy a few items to decorate. We only spent around RM800.

    Hayley, April is sleeping throught the night and May is doing good now. Thanks.

    Inspired Momx1, we only spent less than RM800 this time. It considered reasonable.

    Barb, this is a better approach to have FS master to come before moving in.

    Yvonne, yes I agree. Pity him. He has more work to do now, but he enjoys one.

    Joanne, you can have the FS master to go to your place, if you like. If you are really interested, you also can google from the internet. I also do some research myself.

    Alice Law, she is alright. Yes, the money spent worths the value. You too, have a nice weekend.

  9. My hubs spent a lot of money to hire good feng shui masters for our house and his offices. Do let us know your girls' overall wellness and that of yours/ your hubby a few mths down the road. I'm eager to know if feng shui is really effective, haha!

  10. Then, she gave me the contact number of her Feng Shui master. She asked me to try using Feng Shui to solve April's sleep problem. fengshui