Happy 4th Birthday to Little May

Today is my little princess May's birthday. She had celebrated her birthday a day advance in her school.
A Snow White birthday cake.
With Jie Jie.
With her classmates and Jie Jie.
With all the 4, 5 and 6 years old schoolmates.
We had also prepared some goodies packs for her to treat her schoolmates. We brought her to dine at Auto City yesterday. Will blog about it next.
Here, mommy and papa are wishing May Happy Birthday, be good and be healthy always.


  1. Happy sweet birthday to your little May!
    she is such a lovely girl. yesterday during the dinner, i saw her there enjoying herself the whole night and behaved well too... ^^

  2. May's birthday falls on a day before your wedding anniversary wor. Can have double celebrations! ;)

  3. Happy birthday to little May. She's really a cute and shy girl.

    Psst... that snow white is very sexy lor, PPL somemore...

  4. Happy Birthday little May. Wow..your Snow White birthday cake is very beautiful.

  5. arrrgghh..i miss this post yesterday. I'm late :( Happy Belated Birthday Pretty May :) Glad you had a great celebration :)

  6. Lovely cake, a 'Cindy' for April and a 'Snow white' for May, what an ideal theme! Here I wish May a wonderful belated birthday, may all her wishes come true!;)

  7. Happy belated birthday! Hope all your wishes come true!!!

  8. Thanks for the greetings. Really appreciate it.

  9. Happy belated birthday, May! Be happy, good and healthy always!