Ladies day

Two day before the Mother's day, I met up with my best friends, SuIn and Sasa at Prai JJ. They are also my ex-colleagues whom I knew at my first job. We were supposed to meet up a week ago, but due to Sasa's urgent task, we delayed the meet up until last Friday. SuIn and Sasa were both taking half day off and coming from Penang, whereas and I took a day off and came from Taiping. This purpose of the gathering was to bid a farewell for Sasa, who is going to join her fiances in US by mid of May.

SuIn and Sasa met me at Siam Express, which is located at the first floor of JJ in Prai. These were the food that they ordered while waiting for me to arrive.
Kelabu Mangoes.
Pandan Chicken.Money bags.
Otak Otak.
Siamese steamed fish.
Stir fried mixed vegetable.
Tom Yam Kung.
Sago and Nangka in coconut milk was the dessert.
We were quite satisfied with the food and the service, but I still find the Otak Otak from my hometown Tops Thai restaurant much better. The bill is RM150 for 4 adults.
I was in a rush after fetching my two princesses back from school, and I forgot to take my digital camera along. Sasa had to snap the food pics for me via her IPhone.
Please meet my forever lady liked and beautiful friend, Sasa. Sasa, all the best to you. Please remember to stay happy, health and beautiful always.
Please me my forever young and sweet friend, SuIn.
We were so close when we worked in the same company last time. After this gathering, I seriously don't know when we can meet up again, because Sasa is going to relocate in US soon.
After the lunch, we went for shopping in Young Hearts for some under garments, and also some shoes shops. Sasa is worrying that she may not able to get the bras and shoes in her petite size when she is in US. lol!
After the shopping, we had drinks at MacDonald and snapped few more photos in pair before we said goodbye to each other.

SuIn and Sasa, though we are far apart, you are always in my heart. No matter where you are, please keep in touch, ok?


  1. All of you looks great!
    and those food looks even greater, lol :P

  2. Mmmm...the food is yummy :) Your girlfriends are so pretty. What a wonderful gathering :D

  3. It's nice to have girls gathering to catch up with each other. Sweet ladies with delicious food, thumbs up!

  4. Yan, you look so tall and definitly a beautifully stylish mom! Your friend Sasa looks nice in curly hair... wonderful gathering!

    Have a nice day!

  5. Wow...US! that's very far away. But with the Internet, you gals can still keep in contact rite?

  6. Yan is a very "in" mom. She put on artificial lashes which then caught my attention through out entire gathering. Extremely adorable!

  7. Hayley, Barb, Yvonne, thanks for the compliment for my girl friends, they are indeed my great friends. Alice, thanks for your compliment. mNhL, yes, we definitely will continue to keep in touch. They are my silent readers now. Sasa, hahahah! Still have a lot to learn from you. Dear.

  8. Hey, tell Sasa that she can gets more varieties of undergarments from Victoris Secrets ^_^ Hmm...probably we can get her to ship some back to us, LOL! By the way, pls help to pass my 祝福 to her, wish her all the best!