Mother's day celebration

We had a Mother's day celebration a day in advance. Dinner was booked at Soon Lee Seafood Restaurant.
Princess May and Princess April were wearing long sleeves blouse that Aunt SuIn bought for them as their birthday present.
My husband would turn out to be a bit outspoken when he was seated next to his apple pie.
I trimmed my hair again. Thanks Hayley for the lovely blue earrings.
The 8 course dishes were,

Leng zhi kang was the dessert.
Black forest mother's day cake.
FIL and MIL cut the cake.
Family pictures and SIL.


  1. I think Soon Lee's dishes are nice and it's comfy dining in that restaurant. i especially love the 1st dish, 五福临门 ^^
    as for the earrings, you're most welcome!

  2. Wah, foodie again. Emm... looks like it's a 3 in 1 dinner - for your MIL, SIL and you during mother's day.

    Your lil May is so cute with her round big eyes.

  3. Wow...HOT mummy here! U look great with that coloured hair + hair style.

    All the food looks great, especially the fish!

  4. such a lovely celebration :) i like the 2 princesses tops :D you look great as usual, Yan :D

  5. LOL! I love the happy family gathering, it's so warm~!! Ehhh... wonder why there was french fries in this authentic chinese menu har?:p

    Have a wonderful days ahead!
    p/s: Your princesses looks very close to your hubby, how sweet!

  6. Hi Sheoh Yan, nice pics and the food looks delicious. Love the pics and your MIL and FIL looks good too, your family too.
    Best regards, Lee.

  7. The dishes look SO delicious!! I love the 4 Seasons dish, that's always my favorite dish in the restaurant. Where is this restaurant? Taiping?

  8. Wow...the food looks good!! And you look 'yeng' with your new hairstyle :D

  9. wah food! *drool* and i LOVEEE yr funky hairdo. So Yeng!