Saturday Lunch at A&W

The shopping mall has a newly opened A&W Restaurant. April has just completed her mid-year exam with quite a good result, so We decided to bring them to celebrate at A&W.

While waiting fo the father to queue and order for the food, the children were posing for some photos.

April was scoring full mark for all the subjects. I was the happiest person after knowing that.

These were the food that we ordered.

May was showing off her mini soccer ball, it was the free gift from the kid meals.

They were enjoying the ice MILO very much, which they seldom get the chance to feast on.


  1. I'm sure April and May enjoyed themselves! A&W is another great place for kids like them...

  2. Bravo, April. And A&W is definitely a great reward for her.

  3. Good job April :D The girls must be thrilled to go to A&W eh?

  4. Well done, April.
    The mini soccer ball is cute. Shenny has a similar design soccer ball at home but it is a lot bigger. Hmmm, I might get this ball for her too if she gets a full score in her test, lets see.

  5. two young models.. cute and well Done!

    greetings from reanaclaire.com

  6. Well done April! Keep up the good work. Yes, a treat for the kid is a must to show some apprecaition on their hard work.

  7. Hayley, yes, they like the place, but not the food. April said KFC drumstick is better.

    Shenny's Mommy, mNhL, Agnes, Barb, Claire and Yvonne, thanks.