Soup of the week - ABC and Cabbage soup

I had bought myself a new recipe book for making different soups. My first attempt from the recipe book was carrot, potatoes, onion, tomatoes and cabbage soup. First, I cut corrot , pototoes, onion and tomatoes in big cube and boiled them with a pot of water. When the water was boiled only, I put in the lean pork meat (200g) . After boiling everything in medium fire for 2 hours, I put in the cabbage. Lastly, boil the soup for another 30 minutes, add in a pinch of salt, remove fire and serve. Apart from making a bowl of very nutritious and healthy soup, I also boiled 2 salty duck eggs and pan fried the luncheon meats for my children. I know salty duck eggs and luncheon meat weren't that healthy for children, but my children heart it very much. So I would let them have it once in a while, when I was running out of idea what to cook.


  1. Hi Sheoh Yan, I love this soup, and the salted duck eggs, but eat only the white parts. And I love luncheon meat on toast bread.

    Hey....I enjoyed looking at the previous wedding pictures. Holy Smoke! Sheoh Yan...you look breathakingly....hmmmm, whats the word? Ahhh yes, you look absolutely gorgeous, and I sure love your cocktail dress. WOW!

    You sure have classy taste in dresses. Its beautiful, more so you in it, *wink*. Love the design and colours. Must be an Oscar de la Renta or a Vera Wang? Ha ha.
    Sheoh Yan....you're a beautiful lady.
    Stay beautiful, and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  2. Salted duck eggs and luncheon meat are my favourite, too. Your soup looks delicious and healthy, not to mention easy to prepare. I'm gonna steal your recipe :p

  3. I love this soup. Been quite some time since my mum last coiled it. Must pester her to do it some day :D

    Oh, not the healthiest choice but must let them indulge sometimes :D

  4. Unhealthy but they are my fav too! haha...I love to eat salted egg with plain porridge but luncheon meat with white rice. Ya, once in a while should be fine.

    Wow...the soup sure very sweet because of the ingredient + LOVE.

  5. Gosh... those food are simple, but looks so yummy. I'm drooling right now. :D

  6. delicious and yummy. i'll try adding the cabbage next time too :D

  7. Uncle Lee, thanks for all the words and it is really flattering me. Btw, i got the courage from your blog. I remember u mentioned in one of your entry before, we can show our cleavage if neccessary, but not over do it. I hope I am not.

    Yvonne, Agnes, Cleffairy, mNhL and Barb, I will boil more varieties of soups, if i have you all to continue dropping by my blog. Thanks.

  8. Hi Sheoh Yan, wayyyyyy to go! Yes I did....and will mention again, if you have it, flaunt it.
    We are young only once. And our life today is not a dress rehearsal.
    Live your life with no excuses, love with no regrets.

    I bet you made your hubby a very proud man that night.....with a gorgeous wife looking like a Taiwanese film star, *wink*. Holy Smoke!
    Have fun, SH. Lee.

    ps, I always tell my friends, ladies....don't grow old than bang your forehead one day and say, "Cheh! Why didn't I do that, or wear that when younger"!
    Too late! Ha ha.

  9. I love ABC soup, specially with cabbanges, which would bring out the tinge of sweetness in it! Slurp~!!^-^

    Have a nice day!

  10. I love soups.. and today I cook cabbage soup with dried anchovies as soup base as I run out of meat. Yummy!!

  11. Uncle Lee, your writing really inpired me a lot. I always remember not to smell iike a garlic and must take good care of the figure. I also remember to put on the ruby red lipstick and a gipsy earrings on certain outings. Thanks a lot for inpiring my life so much.

    Uncle Lee, I love your comment. Esp "Live your life with no excuses, love with no regrets."

    Alice and Inpired Mom, thanks