Soup of the week: Cranberry beans and peanut soup

I boiled soup for my children every weekend. I kept repeating the same type of soups every month, as I have run out of idea what to boil. Soups that I usually boiled were,

1. watercress with honey dates
2. ABC (carrots, tomatoes and potatoes) soup
3. lotus with peanut soup
4. Chinese herbal soup
5. black beans soup
6. Chinese yam soup and etc.

Thanks to wokking mom for sharing another soup recipe in her blog - Cranberry beans and peanut soup, and I decided to try it out last weekend.
120g Raw Peanut and 12 red dates.
150g cranberry beans and 200g lean pork meat. Too bad that I forgot to put some wolf berries when boiling the soup.
Other than soup, I also stir fried some broccoli and carrot with prawn.
Another dish was my children and myself all time favourite, onion and fresh mixed veggie omelet in Japanese curry.
3 large dishes for my children and myself only. I could wallop a lot of dishes, as I ate very little rice.
By the way, if you have recipe for soup that still wasn't in my list, please do let me know.


  1. Mmm...yummy homecooked food :D have you tried corn with carrots and dates soup?

  2. i gotto boil soup everyday! if not my kid wont eat.

    there's beetroot soup, also anchovies with spinach or what ah? i see yr food also i salivate edi cos i dunno what to cook for them edi. real headache to cook everyday.

  3. Sorry, can't contribute to your list. I hardly make soup. Normally will "chee-chan" with my mom.

    But all your dishes look appealling :)

  4. Looks like you really in love with the Japanese curry, still got so much stocks with you? hehe.
    anyway, all the dishes looks really yummy!

  5. Hi Sheoh Yan, wow! Looking at your pics of food, they're spectacular!
    And there is nothing more appealing on this planet than a beautiful mother in the act of cooking for her loved ones.
    Outstanding! Sheoh Yan.
    If you free, drop by my place....as your requested.
    Have a nice day and stay beautiful, Lee.

  6. Healthy and delicious home-cooked food!!

  7. What a delicious homecooked food! Envy...envy!

  8. Thanks for all the compliments, frankly I only dared to let my children and my husband take what I cook. So far, I didn't any other people to taste what I cook.
    Btw, I have also boiled sweet corn soup, pear soup and papaya soup before. Thanks for your comments.

  9. Wow, your dishes looked really yummy! You and I have one thing in common... I only cook for my hub and daughter too... totally no confidence in letting "outsiders" taste my cooking haha.

    I seldom boil soup and when I do, it's the same old beetroot soup with chicken, carrot and corn. Very sweet and nice.. do try :)