Soup of the week:Corn, Carrot, Apple and Lean Pork Soup

Another new soup that I want to learn from this SOUPS recipe book was,
Carrot, Apple and Lean Pork Soup (page 48).
All the ingredients were the same as in the book, except that I added in the sweet corn.
The ingredients were,
200g lean pork,
2 carrots,
1 sweet corn,
2 apples,
and 4 honey dates.
This was the sweetest soup that myself ever cooked. lol! According to the book, you can substitute the apple with pear, or put both fruit. Then, discard the honey dates, if the soup is too sweet. My children loves this soup, and it is so encouraging for me to keep trying out new recipe.
Other than the soup which was full with vitamins, I also cooked french beans omelet for the additional protein and fiber.


  1. A good idea to add apples as one of soup ingredients. Must give it a try.. Thanks for sharing.;)

  2. I din know apple also can make soup!

    I love egg fried with french beans. Yummy!

  3. Wow! The outcome does look exactly like the illustration in the book! Except you got jagung in your soup.

    You are my (soup) inspiration.

  4. Hello Sheoh Yan, you not only a very attractive lady, a beautiful mom, but one heck of a good cook too.
    Bet your kids and hubby always look forward to whats cooking at nights.....

    I have several young friends, newly married, and none of their wives can cook.
    My wife and I was surprised to see their tinned foods, Instant noodles, packaged foods in the kitchen....for a moment we thought they doing food business.

    I'm glad I checked out my wife's resume before getting handcuffed to her, ha ha.
    You stay beautiful and have fun, Lee.

  5. Apple is one good source for making soup. It not only makes soup taste sweet, also soothe your lungs.

  6. wow, so yummy and healthy. I have never tried apples in soup before. Thanks for the tips..will try it out one day :D btw, the french bean omelette is mine and Ashley's fav :D