Talk: Tell me which one is the cutest

Placing their purple Koala (May's one) and green frog coin box (April's one) on the table.

April asked me, "Mommy, please tell me which one is the cutest."
Mommy was cracking her head, as both the children were waiting anxiously for her answer.

April was a bit impatient, "Mommy, you cannot say both also cute. You must say which one. Ok?"
Mommy spoke to herself, what a tedious job, what is the best answer for not hurting anyone feeling.

Mommy was being diplomatic and trying to play some politics,"The frog is cuter than the koala, but the purple color is nicer than the green color. " (Mommy could feel sweat dripping from the forehead)

April was still not really satisfied, but had to accept my answer, " Really? Green also nice ma?", and she finally went on and played with her own green frog coin box.

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  1. hahahahhaha...luckily you managed to find a good answer without hurting the girls' feelings :D