A wedding dinner in May 2010

We whole department were invited by the purchasing department manager to attend her daughter's wedding on Saturday. The wedding banquet was held at Traders Restaurant Sdn. Bhd.
The bride and groom's wedding photos were slide-shown on the big screen.
From left, Lorita, Hayley, Yvonne and me.
Stand: Celine who is Yvonne's younger sister.
Us again.
The bride and the groom.
These 2 live band singers were hired from Tao Japanese Restaurant at Autocity. Their performance was really impressive.
Hope you still not bored with our faces.
Lastly, a portrait of myself on the night.


  1. Emm, I can say, the band is really good. I mean, better than letting those unqualified uncles and aunties to sing on stage, lol.

  2. Wow....u r so sexy! Hot mama there.

  3. eh Yan, i think you are the sexiest woman at the dinner...even sexier than the bride :D

  4. Oh dear, you look awesomely beautiful! You can really steal a man's breath~!!

    Please have a nice day ahead!

  5. You were gorgeous that night with the nice dress! i think many couldnt take their eyes off you... ^^

  6. Thanks for the compliment on my dress up. :)

    Hayley, i like your make up that night, esp with your new hair style, u look so youthful and sweet.

  7. Yan, one word for you! Gorgeous!! very pretty Mommy