Amazing Chiang Mai Trip 2010 - Day 1 Part 1

This trip is amazing, because of
1. half sponsored by my husband's company.
2. first time for May to take flight.
3. my favourite is always those spicy and sourly Thai food.
4. it was a sabai sabai (relax and take it easy) trip.
5. the tour guide was a very nice and cute guy.
6. the night bazaar.
7. the 2 girls were well-behaved and well-taken care of during the trip.
8. the hotel room was good.
9. Chiang Mai provides very clean toilets at tourism places.
10. the expenses were well-managed and within the budget.

Now, I would like to let pictures do more saying, before my readers get rather boring.
April had changed and got ready to leave home .
May too. She was really happy and excited.
We reached the LCCT at 3.30am. I was like zombie, they were very active.
Breakfast at Old Town.
The very famous Old Town hor fun.
Nasi lemak.
The first spot - Royal Floral Garden.
3 happy faces.
The entrance of Royal Pavilion inside Royal Flora Garden. Frankly speaking, I felt rather tired and hot to enjoy the place.
After the lunch, the bus dropped us to buy some big, fresh and sweet lychee, as now is the lychee season.
The girls were enjoying the strawberry Rocky stick which was given by their grandmother before leaving for Chiang Mai.
Check-in into hotel at noon. I let the girls take a bath, their milk and then nap. I napped too, so as my husband to refrain our energy level.
Wake up from nap in the evening, we went for bazaar shopping for a short while before meeting up the group for the dinner.
...to be continue... for more on the first dinner that we had in Chiang Mai.


  1. The 1st day of travelling is usually tiring as we din't have enough sleep/rest. But I guess you were still pretty much enjoyed the trip overall!
    Thanks again for the lovely pink scarf, bangle and chocolate!

  2. Hi Sheoh Yan, wow! You in Thailand! I have always love Thailand, and Chiang Mai one real fantastic place. Love the pics here, can see your kids having fun, hubby too.
    Bet you brought home few pairs of shoes, handbags, huh? Not to mention Thai silk dresses too.
    Have fun and Sawatdee, Lee.

  3. Oh dear... the lycee looks delicious, I'm drooling for it! I can see April and may really enjoyed the trip, and mommy sure had fun shopping! (Got a sneak peek from Yvonne's post)

    Have a wonderful day ahead!
    p/s: Looking forward for more posts and pictures!^-^

  4. The thing I like the most in Thailand is their bazaar. They have lots of unique things there and it's like a shopping's heaven to me.

    Thanks yan, for the souvenir you brought back.

  5. Nice trip to Chiang Mai... The girls must be very excited! Ya, lychee season now, their lychee looks fresh and big!

  6. ahh..so glad to read your updates :) oh i didn't know AirAsia flies to Chiangmai :D Can't wait to read more :D

  7. wow....interesting. I love Thai spicy and sour food too. So appetizing.

  8. Wah...those lychess look good! And so good, your hubby's company sponsors half. In fact, most companies won't even organize sponsored overseas trip for their staff at all.