Amazing Chiang Mai Trip 2010 - Day 1 Part 2

After a quick window shopping at the night bazaar, which was located just in front of the hotel that we stayed, then we went up to the bus that would bring us to Khantoke Dinner with Cultural Show.
This guy called Kevin, he was our tour guide. I felt indeed happy and satisfied with his excellent job in telling us history of Chiang Mai places. Besides, he could speak very fluent English, and we felt so close and comfortable being guided by him. My two girls were still mentioning his name after returning home for 3 days.
These deep fried bananas were our appetizer, but they already filled me up 50% before the main course was served.
I love the fresh Thai coconut drink, it was so sweet and tasty.
The sticky glutinous rice. I preferred this sticking rice than the normal white rice.
The dinner was served in a big red tray. There were 5 dishes and 1 veggie soup. When my husband and I were trying very hard to finish all the dishes, the waiter came and topped up the dishes again. Then only we knew the dishes were refillable. Fantastic right?
The sweet dessert was the banana in coconut milk. I found it too sweet for my liking, or might be I was too full already.
Tropicana fruit was also served as dessert. The pineapple there was so sweet that I never had it before in our homeland.
The rice crackers were served with coffee, right after taking the dessert. Tell me, how not to feel the fat in my whole body?
I skipped the coffee, as I didn't want to have insomnia on my first night in Chiang Mai. Only my husband took it.
Our group was arranged to have the dinner at the long table, whereas the rest of the customers were having it on the floor.
I really enjoyed the dinner, while watching the cultural show on stage. Awesome experience!
April was started to imitate the dancers by moving her fingers, while May standing and watching the performance.
April moved her hand like the Thai cultural dancer. lol!
After the satisfying dinner, we really needed a walk to make the digestion work faster. I like this picture, as my two princess embraced each other waist. Too bad that I was there to spoilt the picture a bit, as I wasn't ready. The bus took us back to the hotel, but the night was still young. Luckily the night bazaar was on the street in front of the hotel.
I continued to look-see, bargain, agree with the price and pay.
The night bazaar was super big that we couldn't finish walking in single evening. We promised to ourselves that we would come back again before we left Chiang Mai.These were the candies that I bought for my girls. You must be thinking that this mummy is crazy one. Don't beware of tooth deca, buying so many candies and junk food for her daughters. If you have read Yvonne's blog, then you should have known these weren't junk food, but hair clips.
We had taken a nap in the afternoon, we didn't feel that exhausted on that night. Since it was my first night in Hotel Suriwongse, I indulged myself a tin of Singha beer to ensure a good ZZZZZZ all night long.
To be continue.....


  1. Nice experience watching the cultural dance!!

    The dishes can be topped up?! wow! I thought only the soft drink in fast food chain can be topped up. It's like buffet type leh.

  2. Kiahahaha! I also reckon the Thai's fruits like coconut and pineapple beat us flat!^-^

    Chiang mai is such a foodie paradise! Thanks for sharing and looking forward for more pics!;)

    Have a nice day to you!

  3. I agree with Yvonne, it's a nice experience dining the tatami style and watching the cultural show at the same time! and the hair clips look very real lo... hehe..

  4. The food is refillable!? Wah....then that's a good place for me to go! I eat a lot one, you know....heheheh! Those hair-clips look really deceiving...if I had not read what you wrote, I would really have thought they are real candies!

  5. waaaahh....i like the bazaar. so much to see and buy :D

  6. hahahaha the hair clips are so cute ar!!! :) looks like u had a nice time there with your family. hehe