Amazing Chiang Mai Trip 2010 - Day 2 Part 1

April and May were waking up with full energy and having the buffet breakfast in the hotel.My husband and me were carrying a very happy mood, and awaiting for a full day long excited activities.
First place that we went was Mae Sa Elephant show and Elephant riding.
My husband and April ride the female elephant, which is 45 years young. May and me ride the male elephant which is only 20 years young.
This was April's second time riding the elephant. She had experienced the riding at Phuket in year 2006.
Baby elephants marched out and the show officially began.
Elephants were able to play football. Though their skills weren't as good as those in the World Cup, it was enough hilarious to receive a big applause from the crowd.
Elephant could paint too.
Amazing right? The elephant could paint better than a human, for e.g. myself.
Elephants played a tele-match with the audience. My husband volunteered himself for the games.
This was the painting which was done by one of the elephant, and it was placed for auction at 2000 baht during the show.
After the show, the audience was allowed to feed and take photos with elephants. April was quite scared to touch the elephant.
Whereas May was more daring than her Jie Jie.
I enjoyed watching the elephant show very much. However, I also very sympathized the elephants, as they must have gone through a very painful life, in order to be trained to do all these very intelligent movements.
After biding good bye to elephants, we were taken to Long Neck Hill Tribe Village.
Please stay tune for more on this very interesting and unique Long Neck Women village.
... to be continue...


  1. I never ride an elephant before, but have seen their shows in A Famosa Malacca, few years ago. They're really obedient and well trained. and quite smelly too, hahaha :P

  2. I never ride an elephant too, what a priceless experience! Hey I noted you and your hubby wearing the same 'lover' outfit leh, how sweet~!^-^

    have a nice day!

  3. waahh..i can see you all love to dress alike eh? hahahahahaha. oh, the elephant place is really interesting. i would love to sit on an elephant too. hope i won't break its back when i do ;)

  4. Hi Sheoh Yan, this one place I have not been too. And love your well taken pics.
    Can't help notice you and hubby similar attire, ha ha. Very nice. First time I see this. No need to ask who belongs to whom, ha ha.
    Have fun and keep well, Lee.

  5. woah woah woah! u guys were wearing matching t shirts! so romantic wor! faints. i wish my fiance is as romantic lah. sighhh :(

  6. It is such a wonderful experience for April and May to have elephant ride. We took the elephant ride last year in Krabi, Shenny still can remember it well.

  7. Hahaha...very romantic husband-and-wife pose and also the same design of T-shirts! Wah....I didn't know the elephants can even be trained to draw too and they draw well indeed!

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