Amazing Chiang Mai Trip 2010 - Day 2 Part 2

After the elephant show and riding, we went to the Long Neck Hill Tribe Village which located not too far away. I like the place very much, it is so natural and green everywhere.
There were some many unique things to see and buy.
These were actually the long neck women's homes and industries.
They are mostly Christians, and there is a church in the village.
I purposely found a pretty long neck woman to take picture together with us.
Checking on their home industry products with my princesses.
Umbrellas were provided for the tourists at the entrance of the village.
April and May were getting very thirsty after a long walk in the village.
Not only long neck women, we also found those giant ear pierced women there. After taking the lunch, the coach brought us to Gem Gallery, Thai Silk Factory and Leather Factory. That's all for my Day 2 at Chiang Mai.
....To be continued...
p/s: Hope you still continue to read my Day 3 post.


  1. The long neck girl sure looks pretty though a bit weird looking to me with those neck rings around her neck. ;)

  2. Interesting! I hope to be able to go to such place too when the opportunity comes.

  3. Oooo....I saw those long neck via tv but never in real person. How interesting !!!

  4. Nice trip! I noticed your whole family wearing matching stripe t-shirts. So sweet :)