Amazing Chiang Mai Trip 2010 - Day 3 and Day 4

Our group decided to skip the visit to Doi Suthep Temple and preferred to wake up a bit late on 3rd Day. After breakfast, the coach brought us to Chiang Mai Zoo,
A family picture with the Panda at the back.
Again, another family picture after seeing Koala.
We let the girls take a ride on a horse.
This was the first time taking a ride on a real horse.
Despite many experiences riding the horse at the marry-go-round, the girls still had a lot of fun with the real horse riding.
Next, we went to Umbrella factory. I bought 2 paper umbrellas and 5 paper fans there.
Then, followed by honey factory, and last we went to Bann Tawai Wood Handicraft Village.
We rested a bit on Day 3 evening, as we needed to check out early on Day 4. Kevin, the tour guide bid farewell with us when we were on our way to airport.
This was the expression of my little May on the last day at Chiang Mai. She looked really sad as we had to return home and back to the reality. lol!

That's all for the 4 days 3 nights Chiang Mai trip.


  1. Hehehe...about your daughter's sad expression on the last day, it's time to tell her the saying "good things don't last forever"! :-D

  2. Oh poor little May, she looked really sad :(
    But I think when she grows up, she'll get more chances to travel with her parents, right? ;)

  3. Your Chiang Mai trip was full of shopping and sight-seeing. Looks very tiring but worth the experience. And to be able to get away from your office cubicle for a while, it's already good thing :)

  4. hhahahahha...little May's expression is so funny. I bet you got the same expression too on the last day huh?

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    Do hope you can participate. Cheers! :)

  6. wow...interesting pony ride. Till now, I don't think I dare to ride on them. Your girl is so brave. Put me to shame. hehe.....

    LOL on your little girl's sad expression. Guess she really love this trip.

  7. Nice trip! I bet the kids love to ride the real horse! :P