Art work did at art class

April attended the art lesson since she was 4. This is her 3rd year of the art lesson. I can see her improvement through her art work that she brought home after each lesson. Whereas May also joined the art class beginning of this year. It has been 6 months she learned art.

Exactly the same kind of drawings, I am sure that you can easily tell which one was done by the 6 years old and which one was done by the 4 years old.

Though May is not doing as good as her jie jie in her art work now, I still keep telling her that she has arleady showed some improvement. I am patiently waiting to see my little May's excelling in her art work.


  1. Very nice artwork. My boy attended art class for a year before he quit and moved to where we stay now. The art teacher is very patient and has his studio at his house near where we stayed. Though his primary school has art class but I just can't find time to squeeze in his schedule. Haiz.

  2. Hmm.. I can see April's drawing and coloring is very pretty compares to your little May. But both of them draw better than mine, sigh. Good job!

  3. Wow, their art work are very impressive. All paintings are nicely done.

  4. wow, lovely lovely. ashley has been bugging us to send her to an art class but i'm not sure if she's really interested.

  5. Hello Sheoh Yan, hey...you sure got not only talented kids, but creative ones, and love their choice of colours too.
    Very expressive...and I must compliment...good perspective too as has depth.
    I used to paint, strictly oil paintings....so, do motivate, encourage your kids....
    From the way they have different shades, tones colours as well mixed colours, your kids have creative talents.

    Sheoh Yan, keep these paintings, give to them on their 21st birthday.
    Have fun and stay young, Lee.

  6. 燕,

    因为你的教导和无限的爱, April 和 May 变得更加 outstanding!

    每一次, 看见她们的杰作; 总是让我想象你对她们无限的付出和爱! 你每一天的生活, 都是满满的忙碌, 满满的幸福!


  7. aiseh...i expect ppl comment on the food in the hosp...mana tau, all so admire the chef...kekeke

    wow....beautiful drawings...i dun think i can draw this nice at my age when i am a small children

  8. So NICE!!! Both girls did a great job. You should be proud and not compare May's artwork with her jie-jie's. Or maybe you should compare it with someone who can't draw... for example, Chloe haha!

  9. Inpired Momx1, I understand, the more the child grows up, the more activities the child would have. So, it is very difficult to let the child participated in too many things, as the shcool homework also a lot.

    Yvonne, Prince n Princess mum, Shenny's mommy, Barb, Uncle Lee, thanks, I will keep their drawings.

    Sasa, I am still learning to be a good parent. I am quite harsh to them also some time.

    vialentino, hahaha, so next time, please remember to snap pic if the chef or the waiter is good looking. C9 is like that la!

    ChloeRuoyi,thanks. You are right too, shouldn't compare the kid with any child.

  10. April's artwork is awesome!! May's artwork is very neat too... Got to keep their every piece of art works for remembrance...

  11. holy smokes! so well done! seriously, they both draw better than me!!! I cant draw. maybe stick peoples. hahahaha

    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  12. Beautiful! I have plan to sent my boy to art class too. Time to find an art school.