A beautiful Sunday Morning

This Sunday morning wasn't an usual Sunday morning. We woke up very much early than other Sundays, as we planned to bring the children to the Lake Garden for cycling.
This was the first Sunday of this 2 weeks school holiday. We tried to occupy the children with more healthy activities.
While the children were cycling, I was playing hula hoop to shed my stubborn flesh around the tummy. We later went to jog at the "Lover Bridge" .
There were plenty of lotus flowers and lotus seeds in the lake.
They were really enjoyed and happy.
The morning weather was really awesome with cold breeze and clean air.
Too much running and cycling, April was tired to ride her bicycle anymore. Mah Mah and Yeh Yeh have to help dragging her and her bicycle back.
We had dim sum as breakfast at the Dim Sum restaurant nearby Fleminton Hotel.
After the breakfast, we sent the children to their art class and we went home to boil soup for lunch.

This was our beautiful Sunday morning.
(p/s: Though I found it a bit sleepy, as I seldom let go my sleep on weekend morning.)


  1. Wow, wake up early to catch some fresh air. It's a good activity. I, too, find it hard to waste my only day off in my bed - hence seldom make it to the park although I live there 5 mins away.

  2. That is a very good family outing in the early morning with grandpa and grandma too.

  3. I like the 'lover bridge' of your lake garden, it's a healthy workout for your princesses and the Char Siew Pao looks nice too!

    More beautiful morning to you, please have a wonderful week!

  4. Though you had to let go your sleep, i think it's worth as you got some fresh air and your children enjoyed themselves!
    it was a really beautiful Sunday!^^

  5. wow, what a lovely morning indeed. we wanted to go to the park on sunday but woke up real late :( Lake Garden is a nice place eh? I haven't been there for many years.