Free dresses for bloggers and website owners

I want to thanks Irene Lim for letting me know that her Malaysia Online Boutique Irenelim Fashion is offering free dresses for bloggers and website owners. I am so thrilled and browsing through the free dresses all at once. There are more than 60 different items for individual preference. Oh boy! This is absolutely awesome.

To all my blogger friends,

If your blog or website is at least 3 months old, and has at least 20 posts or web pages, and you are able to write a short review of the Malaysia Online Boutique Irenelim Fashion. You are eligible to choose for your free dress.
Hurry up! For more details, please refer to free dresses for bloggers and website owners.
Quick! Wait no more, please go now to select for the item that you like. Those 60 over free items include maxi dress, spaghetti top, raffles blouse, long blouse and etc. All are stylish and beautiful. Furthermore, blouses and dresses are available in S, M, L and XL size and in different colors. So, what are you still waiting for? Please submit your post or link through their email form, before it is too late.

Here my choice,
Sailor Inspired Fun Stripes Dress
It is available in red and black colors.
Irene, can you hear me? I like the black one very very much.


  1. Wow wow! I'm going to choose my choice of dress and start composing my entry NOW!!

  2. Thanks for the infor! I will take a look. It sounds interesting! ;)

  3. Yes, I can hear you :)
    You can now proceed to register an account with us and choose your free apparel from the list.

    Oh, do note that delivery is not included. Hope this is absolutely fine with you...


  4. Thank you for sharing!!! I've also done the review after reading this here and are waiting for her approval.

  5. Yan...i wanna join too.sound so interesting...free dress to grab....I'm coming

  6. Yan...i wanna join too.sound so interesting...free dress to grab....I'm coming

  7. Yvonne, Hayley, mNhL, Angeline, good try. Wish you gals best of luck.

    Irene, thanks a lot. No problem for the delivery cost.

  8. prince n princess mum, you should try too.

  9. Wa looks like everyone in the bloggershpere is talking about Irenelim,,good,,,,very good, the power of the internet,,,,,,

    feel like starting online business tooo lioa

  10. By the way, i am not so keen on Irene's collection,,, dont know why,,,,,,

  11. yes yes thanks for the info yannnnn! im gonna get my new dress now

    jen from www.charmoflife.ca