Happy Dumpling Festival

I was back from the very satisfying Chiang Mai trip with my family on Sunday. I have a lot of outstanding work to settle in the office. Besides, I was also taking my time to check on blogs that I followed, and read the backdated news at Chinapress. Now, I finally can steal some time out from my busy schedule to wish all my readers and friends Happy Dumpling Festival.
My MIL made dumplings to sell every year. I helped her to take order from colleagues too every year in this festival. This was one of the dumpling that she made, but I like the white dumpling which has beans one.

What is your favourite dumpling?


  1. My all time favourite rice dumpling is the black-black one :)

    You didn't help your MIL to wrap the dumpling? Only help to take orders (and eat)?? Wakakakaka... I didn't help my mother either :p

  2. My favourite is the brown one which eat with kaya, yumms~

    Happy Dumpling Day to you as well!

    p/s: thanks for your MIL ba zhang also!

  3. Yan,Happy Dumpling Festival to u n ur family.

  4. Happy Dumpling festival.
    This year I gotta chance to learn wrapping dumpling from my mom in hometown. Yeah..now I can try out at home liao. :)

  5. 来美国之前, 奶奶说要包粽子给我吃; 我却拒绝了.因为我怕肥啊,我可以吃很多颗粽子哦.

    现在, 这里没有好吃的粽子了啦...我好后悔噢!!!

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  7. I love nyonya dumpling which are sweet. And i love meat dumpling too especially those have fat fat pork. haha....

  8. Happy Belated Dumpling Festival to you too! I'm not fond of eating dumplings, but I'll still eat them if there is no other food to eat....hehehe. But if I have to choose what dumplings to eat, I'll go for the Nyonya chang type.