A happy Sunday afternoon

I mentioned in my earlier entry that we sent the children to the art class, and we went back home to prepare the lunch. I boiled soup and stir fried some vegetable. We still had 1 hour to kill before we could pick the children up. My husband and I decided to go to Tesco to shop for things that we need for our Chiang Mai trip next week.
There, we saw this Aurora maxi dress at Over Run Factory Outlet. April always longs for a maxi dress. It was only RM29, her papa decided to buy for his princess. The soup of the week was the watercress, honey dates, sweet & bitter apricot kernels with pork ribs.
Stir fried cauliflower and long bean with minced pork.
I actually invited April and May's classmates to come over, as they were attending the same art class. May's classmates is actually April's classmate's cousin.
April amd May were having a lot of fun with their classmates. This was the first time I had their classmates to come over and play with them.
They also had their lunch together. I made them ribena, and served them the watercress soup and rice. They had their lunch in front of the TV. Four of them are fans of the Tom and Jerry's show in CH616 Astro.
After the lunch, I gave them the permission to take some junkfood that they love.
This double decker prawn crackers was one of the snacks in the hamper that April won in her colouring contest 2 weeks ago.
Their classmates went home when it was time of the nap. The children were happy when they have playmates.


  1. The kids sure had fun playing together. Eh, mind if I bring my children over to your place for games and free lunch? LOL!

  2. nice to have friends over eh? wow, you are going to chiangmai for a holiday? how nice. have a good trip :D

  3. Yvonne, sure. You and your children are always welcomed.

  4. Oh, I love watercress soup! Ya, children sure love to have their playmates around, it's something fun and enjoyable for them! I, too have fond memories of having my neighbour's daughter as my playmate too when I was around 4-5 yrs old.