I am a proud mother

I am a proud mother of April, 6 years old and May, 4 years old. Why? 6 years old colouring contest.
6 years old Chinese and English writing contest.
Overall result of mid year exam 2010.
My children are happy, I am happy too.


  1. well done to April and May. good job to mommy and daddy too :D the writings and drawing are so wonderfully done. so, are you going to reward the girls?

  2. Wow, the handwriting is so neat so as the coloring! bravo to you princess!

  3. You are one proud mother in the world. All your efforts are fruiting now. I must not only congratulate April for doing so well, but for you too.

    April is a role student and you are a role mother. Keep the spirit moving on, Yan!

  4. Both April and May are on the Top Students' list. Bravo, Mommy and of course the princesses too! April's writing and colouring are so so neat and tidy. Well done!

  5. Wow, I am really impressed with April's handwriting and colouring. All are so neat and nicely done.
    April sure is the role model to May.
    Congrats for both are top students*.
    You are sure a proud mom.

  6. Congratulation to May and specially to April! That was great achivement and defintiely a good start for a preschooler, bravo!!!!

    Hey mommy, must give some 'rewards' to your princesses!;)

    Have a nice day!

  7. COngrats to your daughters! They have definitely made you proud! Congrats again! Behind every successful child is a successful parent!

  8. Well done~ Both your kids are great!~

  9. you are sucha proud mommy! :)

  10. Hi Sheoh Ya, you got great kids there any mother would be proud of. And I'm sure when they grow up they'll exceed you and hubby's expectations.

    By the way, love your previous posting pics....beautiful family and you sure have a lovely smile, can light up a whole street, *wink*.
    Have a great week, and stay beautiful, Lee.

  11. Wow!! Her colouring and writing are done perfectly leh!! No wonder she is a top student :)